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image showing 4 lucky numbers that can work magic for your business


Too many of you Small Business Owners (SBOs) don’t want to put in the hard work to really upsize your success or to make a really BIG Impact.


Lack of time, constantly second-guessing yourself or just simply not knowing where to start is holding you in place like gorilla glue.


As a matter of fact, when people talk about knowing their numbers, you secretly wish you could just choose some lucky numbers and use them to magically transform your business.


Other business trainers and coaches would criticize you harshly and become increasingly impatient with you.


People who have never risked anything at business would laugh at you and openly ridicule you.


 But not me!


You see, I used to be just like you, however hard it is for me to admit that.


So I’m distancing myself from them and giving you the lucky numbers you want...as a matter of fact...I’m giving you 4 lucky numbers that can really work magic for you and your business.


You can count on these numbers to provide you with exactly what you need to make a BIG impact.


If, you let them, they will take you lovingly by the hand and guide you to your ultimate success.


When you fearlessly play these numbers, you will no longer feel vulnerable and think you’re flying by the seat of your business pants.


You will travel with clarity and focus and you will be in complete control of the journey.


Ready for your numbers? Let’s roll the dice...


The first of Your 4 Lucky Numbers is... “7”


Yes 7...You lucky Small Business Owner!


Seven Super Skills to help you make a BIG Impact! You by yourself or you and your business.


Here are the Super 7 skills you will have to master:


  1. Nail Down Your Values Set
  2. Build Your Confidence Way Up
  3. Know Your Business Model
  4. Lead Yourself Before You Lead Others
  5. Count And Account For Your Money
  6. Develop Your Meta Skills
  7. Upsize Your Personal Productivity


The second of Your 4 Lucky Numbers is... “40”

Forty pages of fabulous content covering the 7 Super Skills.


In these pages you will find the help you want to move you from struggling to making a BIG Impact.


They include steps you can implement right away, cheat sheets, manifestos and worksheets you can download and use at once.


There are stories with powerful reminders that you are not alone.


But the most valuables resource is the FLAPs. Never heard of them before? I’m not surprised because I just designed them.


They are Fast Action Learning Points to really ramp up the value you get from the Guide.


Speaking of which...


The third of Your 4 Lucky Numbers is... “1”


 Image of the Small Business Owners Guide to making a Big Impact


Yes! One fabulous guide: The Small Business Owner Ironclad Guide to Making a BIG Impact.


Click to make your BIG Impact


Just think about that. It’s Ironclad – that means you can’t go wrong if you follow the steps.


It’s written specifically you – small business owner – to help you make one BIG impact.


And guess what...


The fourth of Your 4 Lucky Numbers is... “0”


7 doable steps, 40 pages of solid content, 1 fabulous guide at 0 cost to you!


I guarantee that you cannot get better than this!


What are you waiting for? 


Click to make your BIG impact


So there you have them...your four lucky numbers: 7, 40, 1, 0


Make them work for you...


To your BIG impact...


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4 Lucky Numbers That Can Really Work Magic For Your Business

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