Strategic Planning Services Just For You…

Here are 10 reason why Strategic Plans fails

1. Lack of team or members input

2. Out of sync with trends and external influences

3. Lack of buy-in by stakeholders

4. Lack of resources – money, volunteers, staff, committees, time

5. Too many goals

6. No measurable goals, deadlines or accountability

7. Little delegation

8. No action steps – breakdown

9. Sits on a shelf – ceremonial

10. Crisis management takes over


Now that you know the reasons it fails, Why let yours fail?


Here’s what you need to know to prevent your strategic planning from failing…


Developing a strategy to move your business forward  does not come in a single one or two day retreat. It is a process and we can handle it for you, right from the start, and hold your hand as you implement it.


You see, we have a 3-Step Process that guarantees the results you want. So, when you are ready for strategic planning, you are ready for us.


You get so many benefits when you choose us to handle the strategic planning for your business.


Let me remind you of some of those benefits:

1.  Full access to our knowledge and experience in strategic planning in both the profit and not for profit sectors.

2.  Sound advice on who should attend your retreat to ensure meaningful outcomes.

3.  A carefully designed business or organisation-wide survey. This ensures that the views of as many people as possible are included in the final outcome, not just those attending the retreat.


4. Expert facilitation of the retreat, supported by a clear, comprehensive report on the activity.


5.  A Strategic Plan that can be easily understood by all key stakeholders and just as easily implemented.


6.  Hand-holding, if you need it , during implementation including workplans, budgets, identification of resources, etc


When you’re ready for Strategic Planning, contact us to get the results you want…

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