Get The Most Out of Your Business Meetings!


Group of persons who look as if they like meetings


Meeting are extremely important to conducting business everywhere.


They are used to solve problems, discuss projects,make deals, share information and generally conduct the business of a company or organisation.



But is that all they are used for? No!


I have gone to some meetings where I believed I was alternatively at the theatre, in a shark-infested swimming pool or at the circus, all in the space of 45 minutes.


Meetings often represent dramatic and powerful events in your business. When they work well, they add tremendous value to any process. When they don’t, the resulting waste of time obvious lack of process can be equally disastrous.


That’s why we created our “Better Business Meetings Workshops" – to help you get the most out of your meetings!


Like all our other workshops, this one can be customised to suit your specific business needs and circumstances. Here are some of the areas we cover in our "Better Business Meetings" workshop: 

      • How to assess the cost of a meeting and determine if holding it is necessary
      • How to improve your participation in and presentation at meetings
      • How to determine the purpose of the agenda, the forms it can take and how to use it effectively
      • The purpose and value of minutes and the forms they can take
      • The role of the Chair and Secretary at the various stages of the meeting
      • The definition and purpose of parliamentary procedure and how to use it effectively to achieve objectives
      • How to handle difficult attendees and control factions
      • The most important meeting arrangement you can make
      • How to get the most out of a meeting with a client


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