Fast track your change management 

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Let’s be honest here. Organisations and businesses do not change by themselves. They change when and if the people in them do.


But I'm sure by now you know how hard it is to get people to change.  We resist change for any number of  reasons. Here are some of them:


1. Our mind likes routine

2. We fear the loss of power and control

3. We are overloaded with current responsibilities

4. We lack awareness of the need for change

5. We lack the required skills

6. We lack of “know how” to make the change

7. There is a lot of FEAR, uncertainty and doubt

There's no end to the writings on change management and they don't make it any easier for you.


That's why our Change Management Workshops focus primarily on changing the behaviour of your people.


Like all our other workshops, this one can be customised to suit the specific needs of your business but here is some of what we are sure to cover:


• What is change & what is change management

• What are the characteristics of change

• Why you resist change

• How you know you’re resisting change

• Why change leads to conflict

• How to manage change

• Top 10 questions to answer before attempting change in your business

• The 5 essential ingredients for successful change

• Why you must lead the change management effort

• Interpersonal skills that drive change


Isn't it time you get the change you need?


Don't us now.


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