Effective Communication Skills Are Essential!


Communication Skills are for everyone


From business to business, client to client, the #1 workplace problem is poor communication. This is mostly the case when managers try to speak with their employees.


Here is what Bob De Contreras has to say about that:


Poor communication leads to poor performance, yet it is common in the workplace. Luckily, communication skills can be improved and the more effective the communication, the better the overall performance and therefore the greater the level of business success.


On the other hand, effective communication skills can help you build strong relationships with clients and customers, team members, managers, internal customers, competitors and even your enemies.


Small Business Owners are mostly concerned about their oral communication.


In the past, when people talked about oral communication or speaking skills, they were usually referring to public speaking.


Recently, however, definitions of oral communication have been expanded (Brown 1981) and are now used to describe any type of interaction that uses the spoken word.


Oral communication now includes a variety of activities such as:


• face to face meetings

• personal discussions

• speeches and presentations

• telephone conversations

• one-on-one and other interviews

• teleconferences and videoconferences

• informal conversation


For oral communication to be effective, it should be clear, relevant, tactful in choice of words and tone, brief and informative. Presentations or conversations which have these characteristics can be very useful in ensuring business and personal success.


Now there are at least two ways to improve your communication skills. You can join a Toastmasters Club but that could take you a long time.


Or you could let us put togehter one of our "Communicate to Elevate Workshops"  for you.


Here are some of our the topics we will cover:


• 10 steps to communicate with confidence

• Five ways to facilitate group conversations

• How to identify and leverage your communication styles

• Listening as part of your effective communication

• Building strong workplace relationships with communication

• Pitfalls to avoid in workplace communication

• How to get more out of your business communication

• Good email manners

• Use the telephone effectively


At ITDS, we know how to help you get communication skills that you can use to improve your business communication. Contact us now...


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