HR Management IS Your Business!


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As a small business person, you’re too busy being CEO (Chief Everything Officer) for HR  Management to be on your radar.


You have so many issues to deal with that you really have no time to be bothered with learning anything about HR Management. What's more, you only have a small staff of 10 people. Right?


Wrong! In our experience, even when you have only one (or even none) employee you need to be thinking about how to mange your people. Why?


It is better to learn what you need to know when you staff is small so that you will already the correct policies and procedures to put in place as you grow.


But too often, too many  Small Business Owners only think of HR Management when they get a call from the Labour Department or a letter from the Attorney of a past employee.


At ITDS, we have designed the “HR Management  for Small Business Workshop” to help you not only bring HR issues into the “kitchen” but to also place them on the front burner of the stove!


Like all our other workshops, this one can be customised to suit the specific needs and circumstances of your business but here is some of what we are sure to cover:


 An overview of HR Management in a small business

 Engaging employees

 Understand why you need written policies and procedures

 Understand the importance of having an Employee Handbook

 Apply “Best practice” approaches to selecting, retaining and separating employees

 Develop and use job descriptions

 Implement a grievance handling procedures for employees

 Implement disciplinary procedures for employers

 Coaching instead of discipline

 Follow a 3 - Step approach to orientation


We don't only train we also work with you to implement the HR management systems that are just right for your business.


Dont wait...rush to contact us now!


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