Project Management Is An Essential Skill!


image showing you need many hands for project management


Who me? Learn project management? You see the language of that subject! And I don’t even have to manage any projects!


Hello! Unless you were under the proverbial rock for the past ten years, you must know that project management is an essential skill which is increasingly in demand.


Whether you’re managing your Wedding Day Event, your New Product Launch or the Church Excursion our "Yes! You are a Project Manager Workshop" is for you.


It demystifies the skills and tools that people like Engineers and Contractors use and delivers them to you in a way that you can understand and begin using immediately. really does! And we were especially thoughtful in designing this workshop because more and more, work will be organised as a series of projects. This means that project management skills will be the number one sought-after skill for small businesses.


That's why we encourage all you small business owners to improve themselves and their teams by deliberately inviting us to design project management training for your workplace.


Of course we can design a workshop just for you but here is some of what we are sure to cover:


      • Essential principles of project management
      • How to create a scope document
      • How to create a system for accommodating changes to a project
      • Be able to identify and define project roles
      • Understand how to identify resources and create a budget for same
      • Learn how to implement the plan
      • Actually apply the skills you learn to a project


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