Writing Good Proposals Can Make Or Break You...


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 You’re having discussions with the client and things appear to be going quite well...when all of a sudden he or she says “send me a proposal!”

What! Immediately you get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. You hate to write proposals and you especially hate to write them under pressure!

Our "Send me a Proposal! Workshop" guarantees that your affair with proposal writing will take a turn for the better.

By participating in this workshop, at the very least you will:

      • Learn why no two proposals are the same
      • Understand what clients look for in a proposal
      • Know what to do when you have to write a proposal fast
      • Learn the 5 “Cs” of proposal writing
      • Be able to develop a checklist for writing a bid proposal
      • Be able to write a proposal so that it tells your story
      • Learn how to write a proposal for services
      • Get feedback on a proposal you had previously written

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