Image representing ITDS Report Writing System


So how's your approach to report writing?


Is it something like this?


You sit at your computer and type a few sentences. Then you delete them. Next you type a few more, read them over carefully, all the time wishing that they made more sense. 


Then the next thing you know, the deadline for the report is here and you have barely started.


How do I know this...I have been there. Too many times.


But if you are in business, you will have to engage in report writing, at some level, sooner or later. 


But guess what? You don't have to suffer like that!  Just for you, we have designed the practical, user-friendly, Write-on-Target Report Writing Workshop.


This popular workshop guarantees that if you follow the 7-Steps,  you will be writing reports that hit their target every time.


After you attend this workshop you will be able to:  

    • Begin by clarifying the objectives of your report
    • Collect the specific data/information for your report
    • Analyse the data  so that you reach meaningful conclusions
    • Understanding the difference between findings, conclusions and recommendations
    • Organise information into a logical sequence
    • Write for all types of users 
    • Decide on the correct structure for your report
    • Write specific briefs – disciplinary reports, etc
    • Review your own work - proof-reading, layout, etc


I think you'll agree with me that report writing does not have to overwhelm you. Just give your staff and yourself a gift of a Write-on-Target Report Writing Workshop.


And now that I have your attention, be sure to check out our other  workshops.


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Now go right ahead and contact us if you would like to tell us what you're struggling with in your business and let us tell you how we can help you!