(Last Updated On: May 23, 2020)

Are You Being The Boss Or Being A Bully?


Angry man being the boss



" I am the BOSS and don't you forget it!"


"Say what?!" was my immediate thought before I walk out the door of the business I had entered because they were offering a special on some items I wanted to buy.


Where do these people get off behaving like this? After all this was the 21st century!


The sad thing is that bad bosses are more common than we want to admit.  Ask me, I should know. I've lived long enough to have had quite a few of them. And you can't miss them because to them, being the boss means shouting it from the roof top.


I would be the first to admit that managing a small business is not easy. There are days when you really have to believe that your staff have it in for you.


But...that's no excuse for you to behave like a bully. As a matter of fact, that's the time to check yourself and know how to take charge and really lead.


To help you do just that, I found this wonderful infographic below, from  the team at Unum UK , entitled "42 Ways to be a Boss at Being a Boss."  It's the perfect companion to  How to Lead Your Team Like a Boss, a post I had written previously.


Take them both and use them to see how good you are at being the boss and being a leader. I rated myself and while my score was fairly high, it was not perfect. But I now have a better fix on what I have to do to become better at being more of a leader.


Now its your turn. Be honest now and where you know you need to improve, get on it right away.


Let me know how you did...


To you, the better boss...






How To Take Charge of Being The Boss So You Can Actually Lead

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