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I don’t know what it is. It could be that people are noticing the success my clients have experience with my coaching and training this year or it could just be that time of the year.

But everywhere I go, after every presentation I make, even in the middle of meetings, small business people have been asking me: "how can I be more successful?" or "what am I doing that’s holding me back?"

The askers were women and men, young and older, primarily business owners or business owners to be, representing several sizes and types of businesses and even one person from a non-profit organisation.

Of course, this got me thinking. And I realised that what you really want to know is “how to unlock your success right now!”

So I started looking for common things among my friends and clients, my circle of experience and at world figures whom I admire. And what I've done is to reduce all I know and what I've learnt into what I want you to know.

 Please note I am focusing more on your personal success. Go here for solutions for your business.

Here are my 10 tips to help you unlock your success right now!


  1. Fix your destination in stone but trace your paths in sand

Know your destination. I know you have heard this before (I hope!) but you cannot understate the importance of this. Let’s look at an example together.

Let’s say I ask you to walk in a straight line between two points and you confidently begin this journey. Then an obstacle appears in your way, say a large box. It stops you for a moment, but because you know where you’re going, you use your creativity to get pass this obstacle and continue on to your destination.

What if I ask you to walk in a straight line to some unidentified point. Now, you choose a vague point and you start off walking. Then you meet an obstacle, a big box. It stops you but now you think:"You see me...I ain’t bout nuh obstacles...I don’t even know where I’m going anyhow!” And in that moment, you turn around and go in another direction or abandon the journey all together!

Notice the obstacles are the same, but your response is very different when you know where you’re going.

To unlock your success, fix your destination in stone but trace your paths in sand.


  1. To unlock your success, read more

I can’t imagine a life without reading. I often tell people that I read any and every thing from labels to the bible. I set reading goals annually. Goals for specific authors, for specific topics for heavy and light reading.

You see, reading focuses the mind, helps you to improve your knowledge on many topics and improves your communication skills. And of course, guarantees you will unlock your success.

If you check the super successful people like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates or Richard Branson, you will realise how they devour books.

Be sure to read good books and articles on business, autobiographies, self-help and even great novels.


  1. Watch less television

Watching too much television can really screw up your chances to unlock your success.

In his book Rich Habits, Thomas Corley points out that:

67% of rich people watch less than one hour of television daily while among poor people this is only about 23%.

The problem to me is that people who watch too much television are also inclined to watch poor quality television as well.

They serve themselves a diet of reality and similar shows, living their lives vicariously through these people.

Don’t do this if you want to be successful. Use your time instead to define how you want to live and run your business. When you are living a meaningful life, you don’t (or can’t) have time for television, especially poor quality television.


  1. Want to unlock your success? Wake up early!

Have you ever heard the expression: The early bird catches the worm?

Well...I don’t catch worms but I am an early bird.

Successful people wake up as many as three hours before regular people. They know they are many “worms” you can catch by waking up early.

Waking up early is such a key to unlock your success because it allows you to take charge of your day. You have time to perform your morning ritual without interruption. You can exercise, read of course and have a healthy breakfast.

You are less stressed about traffic and your productivity is through the roof.

So develop the habit of waking up early instead of sleeping until you can’t possibly remain in bed any longer. So what if you have to go to bed earlier...?


  1. Get up and exercise!

The reasons people don’t exercise often surprise me:

not enough time; don’t have money for the gym; waiting for the right clothes; can’t exercise alone and the list goes on.

I admit I love the gym. But you don’t need the gym to exercise. What you need is to get moving. Exercise is one of the fastest ways to join body and mind, increase productivity and change your mental and physical state.

When you add healthy eating to your exercise, your energy levels go off the chart and you truly unlock your success.


  1. Look for solutions instead of dwelling on your problems  image of man showing how to unlock your success by looking for solutions instead of dwelling on problem

This is one of my favorite ways to make sure that I never knowingly stand in the way of my own success.

Unsuccessful people have this destructive habit of thinking of everything in terms of problems. So your client cancels a contract, the government announces a new tax on small business owners, your best employee just resigned with immediate effect.

Are these problems? You bet. Are you gonna focus on them? No!

What you want to do every time is to find the good or the lessons in each problem and then find the solutions which moves you forward.

When you do this, you will find you have no problems, only solutions and opportunities for growth...


  1. Make savings a fixed expenditure

Saving is not about having money to save it about having the habit of saving.

How do I know, believe and experience this?

From the time I could understand life as a little girl, I watch my paternal grandmother consistently save in her words “something out of nothing!”

I also watched my mother all her life save nothing out of every something and even consistently resist every one of my attempts to get her to save.

I have chosen to follow my grandmother’s example in my personal and business life. I treat savings as a fixed expenditure.

When you develop the habit of savings at least 10% of your earnings consistently, you unlock your success in many ways.

You truly have money for rainy days, finding money to grow your business is easier and you can respond to your own business ideas in a much faster time.

Then there’s the thing about habits. Like all habits, pretty soon, saving controls you and you have to, you just have to save, otherwise you start to experience withdrawal symptoms.

And in that moment, the universe takes over...when you save, whatever is left do all that needs to be done. As if by magic.


  1. Investing is a must to unlock your success

I know what you’re thinking:

You’re barely keeping your business alive and it’s not enough for me to ask you to save and now I’m asking you to invest! Stupse!

When you invest, you give yourself another chance to really unlock your success. First you set yourself up to realise your long term financial goals – business and personal.

You can get a stronger return on your investment than savings and also earn a return that is higher than the rate of inflation.

How do you start investing? A broker will help and you can start small.

A good place to find some money to invest is to reduce your capacity to buy on future income. Yeah…you know it as a credit card…and the interest rates are killers for your business. Some of you have many and use cash from one to pay off the next. Bad move!

Your savings also gives you a lump sum to start investing, especially in products like real estate.

Savings and investments working together, an unbeatable key to your success.


  1. Build and leverage a network

Too many small business owners are fiercely independent, unknowing insecure and acutely resistant to teamwork and partnerships.

Look, you can only go so far alone and your business can and will only grow as fast as you yourself grow but many of you are negligent in consciously building out your networks.

Building and leveraging your own network not only will help you unlock your success at a personal level, you will find that most of your business will come from within your network.

You can also deliberately partners with someone to pool investments to start another business or some similar investment. If you do, you will find one + one does = three.

You can also expand your network by joining at least one organization and volunteering your time.

The biggest value in building and leveraging your network is learning to trust yourself to trust others. And when you do, in that moment you unlock your success.


  1. Accept responsibility for yourself

Do you believe that the government, the church, the society or the school you went to or some other external factor can determine how or if you unlock your success?

If you do, your success is in trouble.

When you relinquish your capacity to choose or you don’t accept responsibility for yourself and your decisions, you are, in reality, delegating the outcome to a force outside of yourself.

When you do this, you spend the rest of your life depending on someone else for the outcomes you want.

Accept responsibility for yourself. Take control of your decisions and experience the pure freedom of living from your own internal circumstance.

In her book “The Prince and the Pauper, Jaachynma N.E. Agu reminds us:  

“Don't set your goals by what other people deem important.” 
― Jaachynma N.E. AguThe Prince and the Pauper

I agree completely! And I also urge you not to always wait for motivation to take action, take action and you will find the motivation!

So begin by  removing any barriers to your self-development...learn to question yourself and when you don't have the answers, accept responsibility for yourself and go in search of them!


Don’t stop here...

I have given you 10 things you can do to unlock your success, and if you implement only two, try #1 and #10.

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Question: What are you waiting for?


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How to unlock your success right now!

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