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Are you unhappy with poor training results for your investment?

Training and development of you and your team is the single greatest investment that you can make to grow your business.


Unfortunately, because small businesses in particular have not learnt how to go about it properly, instead of being able to improve workplace performance, they are faced with poor training results.


Poor training results are almost guaranteed when you start from a position that whatever your problem is...training will solve it!


You will be surprised to learn that this belief that is also held by some training providers. BUT not every problem can be solved by business development training. You hear me? Not every problem can be solved by training!woman pointing at a clipboard indicating poor training results


Some problems require a coaching solution. Some can be directly linked to the systems which are used by the business. In some instances it’s a case of poor recruiting which no amount of training will solve any time soon.


At ITDS, we will be the first to tell you that not every performance problem can be solved by training!


We also hate working hard to deliver what looks like great training and then having the client describe it as "poor training results."


That’s why, before you spend a  single dollar of your hard-earned money, we work with you to make sure you can answer the folllowing questions clearly and completely.


a) Is there a gap because employees don’t know how to do the required work or because they don’t want to?

b) Is there a gap because there is no recognition for performing well and/or no consequences for not performing as required?

c) Are your employees intellectually/physically capable of doing the work?

d) Do the employees already have the job knowledge and just need the right attitude to complete the work?

e) Are employees positive about their work and intellectual/physical capable of doing the job, but need training to go to the next level?

f) Are YOU ready to support and reinforce new behaviours?


When you answer these questions honestly, you will be in a better position to determine if training is the the best way to fix your performance problems. You will also significantly reduce your chances of experiencing poor training results. Wouldn't you just love that?


But wait..! we've taken it a step further...


We so want you to have great results from your training that we have compiled the top ten reasons why you might not get the results you want from your training investment. So go ahead, click and never the experience the pain of poor training results!


Don't be afraid to click...there's no obligation, no sign-up. Just another great resource from our small business to yours...



Protect Your Training Investment From Poor Training Results

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