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Work routine? Who me? The Queen of Creativity?


Yeah...I know...I couldn’t believe it myself either.


But me, Moi, the great “keep it all together gal” just up and lost her rhythm last month.


If you know me, perhaps you’re wondering how did this happen to me...why did it happen...but the truth is, I don’t even know how or why myself.


It could be that fifty-two days a year holiday was not enough for me. Or it was too much. Maybe I was working too hard for too little money.  Or the opportunity I got to make big money just took me off course.


Or...it could be that I needed to focus on scaling my business instead of on growing it...I just don’t know.


I know you too have been there because I haven’t met a business owner or an entrepreneur who has not hit the proverbial wall at some time.


The truth is though, while this loss of rhythm was happening I really didn’t notice it at first. It was just a feeling that I had lost my creativity and enthusiasm and work routine had taken over.


Oh my Gosh! Yes! Work Routine!


It was helping me to function and hit my targets and remain professional, even though I had lost my rhythm. It was moving me forward when I might otherwise be spinning top in mud.It was there for me!


Hhhmm...I was suddenly beginning to appreciate there really was more value in work routine than I at first thought.


And who can blame me for being slow on this?


Everywhere in the world, we small business owners and entrepreneurs are encouraged to sacrifice routine on the doorstep of creativity. We worship creativity as the holy grail of success and when we back it by enthusiasm, the only thing greater is God Herself.


Let me declare that I’m creativity and innovation biggest fan, after all, they are my number one working tools. That's why I can approach them from so many aspects of my life - personality, knowledge, skills, experience and even humor.


BUT, I have full appreciation for routine and now I have a firm idea how it can lead to creativity.


In the last few weeks routine came to my rescue and floated me along on a wave of consistent performance.


Not that anyone noticed, especially my clients, who were totally unaware of the source of my energy. All they were aware of was that I was serving them with the level of excellence which they had become used to receiving from me.


Being the analytical person I am, I started comparing how I relied on routine with my default position which is enthusiastic, roll-out-bed-ready-for-the-world, super woman.


And while I prefer the latter, I was developing a healthy appreciation for having some form of a work routine to fall back on when you are having off-periods.


As a matter of fact, I have now come to the position that if you are to be truly successful, some sort of routine must be a big part of your working tools.


What I also discovered was there are at least 5 BIG reasons, which are not well-known, why work routine is critical to your success.


I am exposing them for you now.


  1. Good work ethics is grounded in work routine


Believe it or not, routine leads to good work ethics. Over the years, I have developed certain routines which I follow without thinking.


I wake up at the same time every morning. I go to the gym at approximately the same time every day. I write at the same time almost every night and most of the time, I do not work on Fridays.


It was routines like these which I depended on when I lost my groove and as a result, was still able to serve my clients. Without my routines, I would have procrastinated, curled up in my bed and felt sorry for myself.


  1. A work routine gives you a sense of control


When your life and work seem unmanageable, routine gives you a sense of control at some level. When you’re under stress, work routines allow you to continue to be productive, even when you do not feel like working.


Having a meaningful work routine also reduces the panic and despair you feel with each passing day when you can’t get much done.


This sense of control is also good for your self-confidence. Nothing undermines your confidence like that disturbing feeling that you cannot control your own circumstances.


  1. Having a Work Routine leads to productivity


If I tried to explain what I mean by “Routine leads to productivity” I would probably lose you.


So I have decided to let Anthony Trollope, the nineteenth-century writer, who managed to be a prolific novelist while also revolutionizing the British postal system, say it for me.


He remarked, “A small daily task, if it be really daily, will beat the labours of a spasmodic Hercules.”


In other words, over the long run, the unglamorous habits of frequency and consistency, can lead to higher levels of productivity than the stop and start approach which might otherwise be the case.


  1. A work routine reignites your creativity 


Think about it. You have a routine that's working for you. You don't have to negotiate with yourself to get you up and running. No wasting time checking to see if your creative juices are flowing.


So several wonderful things happen.


First, there is no need for you to even pause to think what to do next. You are just producing, carried along on a wave of routine. Once you begin to work in this manner, you become completely involved in what you are doing. And in that moment you give your creative juices freedom to flow.


And best of all, it’s almost preordained that inspiration will hit.


  1. A work routine is Spiritual


It really is! First of all it signals to the Universe that you’re still open to business. So working by habit instead of doing nothing attracts business.


You see your output, so you know you can still work whatever the circumstances and that’s really good for your spirit.


When you have a work routine, and you are working responsibly instead of blaming circumstances, all the stars line up to make sure you are appropriately rewarded.


Moreover, when you develop routines, instead of employing the habit of procrastination, it is guaranteed that you will be able to buckle down and do what you must, every time.



So there you have them! My 5 hidden reasons why your success needs routine.


Just in case you haven’t worked it out, I have just given you another strategy that you can use to drive your business success.


So right here, right now, develop a routine, a practice, a way to do your work in a habitual, regular and reliable way.


In this way, you will have a tool to rely on when you lose your work rhythm or when you feel overwhelmed.


When you can make this happen, then and only then, you will know if you have a business or a hobby.


Caring for your success...

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5 Hidden Reasons Your Success Needs Work Routine

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