Make Fearless Public Speaking Your Goal!

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“Fearless Public Speaking!”


When you hear the term  you immediately think of someone standing on a platform or at least in front of an audience delivering a mind-blowing speech.


When you create this picture in your mind, you immediately think “not me!” and your fear of public speaking has no limits. 


But the vast majority of people who depend on public speaking skills, and who want to experience fearless public speaking, are seldom on the big stage.


Who needs fearless public speaking?


Here is a sample of who do:


  • Team Leaders and Heads of Departments who need to communicate effectively as part of their team building strategies


  • Middle Managers and Supervisors whose performance is pivotal to the success of the business as well as their own success


  • Small Business Owners who must be able to sell their businesses and themselves if they are to remain in business


  • Newly-elected Leaders of Organisations who need to connect with their followers fast


  • Teachers and other Trainers and Presenters who want to deliver their special content in the most effective way


  • Church Leaders who want to keep their congregations awake an interested in their messages


  • Individual of Influence who want to expand their areas of influence


  • Individuals on a Personal Development path who want to increase their self-esteem and self-confidence


You are somewhere on that list!


And since you’re on this list, then I have the workshop just for you!


It’s the “StepUp to Fearless Public Speaking!” Workshop.


It’s the workshop that takes your public speaking and presentation skills from timid to terrific!


It’s 18 hours of no frills, straight-forward skills, which you will get when you show up and participate fully. 


How will you benefit from this workshop?


If you don’t attend this workshop, here’s what you’ll miss…


  • Learning what is driving your fear of public speaking and use the steps provided to overcome it


  • Delivering  a minimum of 5 different type of speeches


  • Participating in role-play which closely reflects your most frequent speaking situations


  • Building  your confidence by evaluating speeches presented by other participants


  • Learning a speech format which can work for any speech


  • Mastering the fundamentals such as body language, vocal variety, eye contact and using PowerPoint


  • Having fun while acquiring a game-changing skill



What will change for you after the workshop?


It’s the workshop which guarantees you a future in which you will:


  • Eagerly look forward to your next speech


  • Surprisingly have no fear of public speaking


  • Confidently leverage your own speaking style to build influence


  • Quickly analyse and connect with your audiences


  • Happily design and deliver a speech which pleases you and your audience


  • Knowingly exploit the power of PowerPoint


  • Effectively communicate with confidence in every situation


  • Fearlessly speak without prior notice if asked to do so


  • Unapologetically celebrate your increase in self-confidence and self-esteem


The workshop is facilitated by Lorna Barrow and you can learn more about her public speaking journey here.


If this workshop is for you or someone you know, Click here NOW for details of the next workshop and download a copy of the programme here.


But best of all…Just register right here!


Get a life in which you’re always looking forward to your next speech… 



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