Let me coach you to a better life…


image of Coach Lorna Barrow with a grateful client


Hi! It’s me…Lorna Barrow…


and when I put on my coaching hat,  I work with mission-driven entrepreneurs and small business owners who are struggling and who are ready for significant growth in themselves and their business. They are also willing to commit to getting a blueprint that breaks through the struggle so they can start getting the results they want.


I also help WOMEN who are stuck in self-sabotaging comfort zones to make the change to get past themselves and find the life of confidence, freedom and financial success or whatever results they want. 


You see, I’m a Small Business Coach and a Lifestyle Coach for Women.


I’m also the creator of Struggle to Success Breakthrough Blueprint – A 5-Step programme that takes you from Awareness right through to Acceleration in your business.


“I was at a pivotal point in my business when I spoke with Lorna about having a coaching session. Lorna helped me gain a clear, precise understanding and perspective of areas that were blocking the growth of my business and preventing me from embracing a higher level of success. Her supportive coaching style, coupled with her breadth of knowledge, skill, intelligence, thoughtfulness, creativity and depth of practical experience are exceptional.  By the time my session was completed in the afternoon, I left with tools, strategies and a framework, all of which could be easily implemented. Thank you again for your wonderful session. You put together the pieces in a way that I couldn’t have done on my own. If you feel you deserve the best and looking to revolutionize your business, I highly recommend you work with Lorna.”

 Nigel St.Hill – Money Management & Life Coach,


When I coach I’m practical, in your face and I’ll call it as I see it. But at the same time I’m respectful and I’ll not only tell you how to fix your problem, I’ll hold your hand as you change until you can stand on your own. 


I only coach people whom I determine I can help because My Motto is: My success is dependent on your 100% commitment to change.


I admire your inimitable style, presence and unique and awesome sense of humour.  Above all is your ability to encourage, motivate and inspire people to believe in themselves. I know you did that for me on various occasions.Your energetic presentation style is still as engaging as ever, indeed like good wine (based on what I have heard since I don’t drink wine) you have become smoother, richer and better.I pray for your continued success in your various businesses and continue your invaluable contribution to the development of those within your sphere of influence and beyond.

David Parris – HR Manager

 Barbados Industrial Development Corporation


The critical strengths I bring to coaching are:


    1. ability to identify the problem or “hidden holdbacks” quickly
    2. share my analysis of problem honestly and frankly
    3. build trust with clients easily
    4.  communicate in ways that clients understand
    5.  only work with people I believe I can help
    6. design a process to results that suits the client
    7. have established proven systems which ensure consistency
    8. bring all my knowledge, experience and values to the process


I have many years in the corporate training and development environment where a big part of my job was to bring out the best in business and people. I have been using this experience and that of a small business owner and entrepreneur to specialise in coaching people to grow and scale their small businesses for at least 12 years now.


I also coach women to “find themselves” using my own personal journey, my training in the area of Gender and Development and my experience of working with women from all walks of life across the Caribbean.


So…do you believe I can help you in some way? Then go right ahead and contact me…


To our success…