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More important than the business services we provide is the experience we love to create for our customers. Here’s an insight into how we do that.

1. During the crossover from prospect to customer, we answer your questions and provide any information you request. If we don’t have your answers, we research them and provide them in 48 hrs or less.

2. We are willing to walk away from you and your potential business if we determine that there is poor match or no match between our standards of conduct and yours. Yes! We get to choose our clients too.

3. We have a genuine interest in helping you improve and succeed at life and business so we have no difficulty connecting you to other business services which you need that we do not offer.

Check out some of our services here:

Training and ROTI Analysis

Businessman using computer to provide business servicesYou would not believe that we would be the first to admit that no…not every performance problem can be solved by training…there’s coaching, systems changes and talent recruiting as some alternative solutions. But when training is the answer, there is little question that ITDS is the provider you’re looking for.

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HR Development and Support

HR business services teamHow many times have you heard business leaders declare “our people are our greatest resource”? How many times were you disappointed because these words were not backed by the right behaviour? We help you to choose the HR systems that are just right for you and we provide ongoing support so that your people are really your best resource.

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Customer Service Systems

Image of two men sshaking hands after delivering business servicesWhen you’re serious enough to hire us to turnaround your customer service, we employ a 7-step system to take your customer service to a level even beyond ours. Here’s how the ITDS-CSI works:

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Strategic Planning Services 

When you are ready for strategic planning, you are ready for us! We know that strategic planning is a process and we can handle it for you right from the start, following the steps in our before-during-after (BDA) process. Here is some of what you get:

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Rapid Business Turnaround

We know it’s your business. After all, you got the idea, you took the risk and you built it bit by loving bit. But when your business hits a wall, turning it around is our business. So, are you in need of a business reset? Then contact us because helping you turnaround your business is just one of the business services we’re good at!

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