image showing the mission, vision and values of ITDS

When you spend the time to develop your mission, values and vision you want to capture these in some meaningful statements.


These statements help to create a strong sense of purpose because they focus on the present and serve as a compass in looking to the future.


They also provide a sound benchmark for evaluating opportunities and deciding whether they fit your core business model and driving strategies.


This contrasts sharply with saying “yes” to everything your clients and customers want you to do – the likely situation without these tools.


In a nutshell, having a mission, a vision and a set of core values serves as the launching pad for your rocket to success.


Therefore, our mission, vision and values represent the anchor that first of all, lets us creatively serve our customers. They also serve as a place from which we can vigorously pursue our own business goals.  


That’s why we share them with you so that you know what we’re about, what we value and how we look to the future.



To help small business owners grow and scale their businesses by acquiring/honing key interpersonal and business skills 


Innovation – to create new solutions and ideas

Prosperity – for our clients and ourselves

Passion – which infuses our every action

Persistence – the pathway to results

Fun – helps us enjoy work and celebrate success

Simplicity – what our customers value most

Resourcefulness – when we combine imagination and experience

Wisdom – where knowledge connects with common sense



A small business sector in which Small Business Owners are leading and growing their businesses better, by investing in their own self development. They understand that they cannot run a $20m business, with $2m thinking or skills.


That’s why we boldly claim:

Our solutions work for you!


So now that you know what we do, what we value and where we’re going, do contact us and let us know how we can help you achieve your growth.

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