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One thing I know is that if you’re going to pursue any leadership journey in a meaningful way, you need growth services.




As a leader, despite all the steps to motivation you may read about in any textbook, it is difficult to motivate anyone without personal influence.


So the big question is: What is personal influence? Personal Influence is:

How you move others from resistance to compliance to commitment–especially when you have only limited authority.


Now, if you are going to be truly effective at having influence over another person, you need to first to have a high degree of self-confidence.


Then you need to have basic and then high-level speaking skills.


And equally important, you have to be able to rapidly scale your business.


In other words, you have to be able to lead yourself before you can lead others.


That’s where growth services come in.


Three Important Growth Services

After working with clients for over 25 years, I found that they have been able to grow themselves and their businesses using the following:


1. Struggle to Success Breakthrough Program

At the start of your business or even if you have been in business for sometime, you struggle with your success.


After all, it’s not easy identifying your #1 success factor.


That’s why I designed my proven, practical 5-step Coaching SYSTEM that you can use to exchange your struggles for success whenever you are ready.


It starts with awareness and takes you through alignment, advancement and amassing, all the way to acceleration , where your success really takes off!


I confidently use this system to coach both men and women to transform their lives, their careers and their businesses.


Check here to see if the Struggle to Success Breakthrough Program is for you!


2.  Top Level Speakers Program

This is our signature Public Speaking (and beyond) Programme, exclusively for Leaders, Influencers, Executives and Captains of Industry.


It is designed to transform you from shy to CONFIDENT and your speaking skills from average to AMAZING!


Don’t fool yourself, if you’re going to be a leader or an influencer of any significance, you need public speaking skills!


That’s why several of the participants describe the program as “the best money I have ever spent on myself!”  


Check out the Top Level Speakers Program here!


3.  Rapid Scale Leadership

RSL is a leadership training/coaching programme that shows you “how to do” instead of just telling you “what to do”.


It was especially created for small business owners to help you rapidly scale your business.


It combines useful ideas, meaningful insights and practical skills of leadership into an “application” tool which you can apply as you learn. 


Check out the Rapid Scale Leadership Program here!


If you access and use these leadership growth services at strategic points in your business, you will make a difference in your business and your community.