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My name is Lorna Barrow and I used to be a very shy person. People who only met me in recent times often declare:  You! Shy? I don’t believe it! You are such a great speaker!


But it is true.


At one point early in my working life I did not have a bank account because I was intimidated by the atmosphere in the bank. So you know that public speaking did not figure high on my list of things to do. But I always had the burning desire to leave a footprint on this life that was bigger than the size of my foot.


Then I got a job that required me to speak in public. On the first occasion, I was asked to represent the organisation, my boss wrote the speech and I delivered it.


So now, not only was I afraid, I was also uncomfortable because the speech was not me and I don't do "done for you" very well.



Furthermore, my approach to life has always been: if there is something that I cannot avoid doing, then I embrace it and learn how to do it well. So things had to chance.


And change they did! I went in search of the skill and knowledge I needed and found them in the Bridgetown Toastmasters Club. I “inhaled” the training and served in almost every position on the Executive. But I was determined to be the best speaker by any standard!


What a journey! And in that journey, I didn’t die, I overcame my fear.




And now it’s the mission of Lorna Barrow to combine her speaking skills with her life experiences and lessons, to consistently deliver a high-energy, transformational message in which she encourages you to believe in yourself, find your hidden talents and use them to reach your best “self”.


It is a message that she learnt from the gut-wrenching lessons that life and its myriad of circumstances taught her and one that she is constantly helping others to apply in their lives, in her role as a coach and mentor.


Lorna has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and has pursued many academic and professional qualifications.


But her biggest education came from being fortunate enough to work in many different cultures in many different  countries and to learn from extraordinary women who did not have the resources she did, but had a passion to improve themselves and a persistence that was awesome and inspiring.


Her education also came from those men whom she was fortunate to work with and work for that taught her how to "walk through the raindrops without getting wet" and unknowingly showed her “how to” and “how not to” get the best out of the people you lead.


When asked what was her biggest life challenge, here is what she said:


“My biggest challenge was myself.  I was my own worst enemy because somewhere along the way, I learnt to doubt and second-guess myself. This is a HUGE lesson to have to unlearn but fortunately the will to achieve my dreams was greater than the doubts that were holding me back”.


Lorna delivers speeches for a variety of organisations and occasions, relying on her in-your-face personality, her contagious sense of humour, her often right-of-centre views on just about everything and her deep passion to help people find and release the best of themselves.


As a long-standing member of Toastmasters International, Lorna is a trained public speaker, who still serve as mentor and resource person for toastmasters clubs and teaches and coaches public speaking to many of her clients.


She’s also a Platinum Level Expert Author with nearly 60 articles at Ezine Articles,  several e-books and reports on Public Speaking and Report Writing, two blogs Lorna’s Business Box and You in Business and the list goes on.


In the words of  Wilma Clement – Tutor, Barbados Workers Union Labour College, Barbados


 “Lorna is truly an engaging and entertaining speaker who leaves you with a larger vision of yourself!


Hire Lorna to speak at your next important event.




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