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Lorna Barrow - Then...

At one point early in her working life Lorna did not have a bank account. That was because her self-esteem was so low, she was intimidated by the atmosphere in the bank.

But she always had a burning desire to leave a footprint on this life that was bigger than the size of her tiny feet.

Then she got a job that she did not know would require her to speak before a variety of audiences, until it was too late to turn back. You see, she needed that job. The money was good and she had already left her old job...

So Lorna reached for her trusted principle. In her words: If there is something that I cannot avoid doing, then I embrace it and learn how to do it well. 

As you can guess...things were about to change...

Image of Lorna as the Keynote Speaker at an International Women's Day event
Image of testimonials from Lorna's speaking events
Image of testimonials from Lorna's speaking events
Image of Lorna in action as a speaker
Image of Lorna in action as a speaker
Image of Lorna in action as a speaker

Lorna Barrow - Now...

Yes! Lorna Barrow is now a speaker par excellence!

She combines the speaking skills she learnt with her life experiences and lessons, to consistently deliver a high-energy, transformational message. She encourages you to believe in yourself, find your hidden talents and use them to reach your best “self”.

It is a lesson that she learnt from the gut-wrenching lessons that life and its myriad of circumstances taught her. And it is one that she is constantly helping others to apply in their lives, in her role as a Corporate Trainer, Business Coach and Transformational Speaker. 

However, her biggest education came from being fortunate enough to work in many different cultures, in many different countries and to learn from  the extraordinary and inspiring women she worked with. 

When asked what was her biggest life challenge, she clearly stated:

My biggest challenge was myself.  I was my own worst enemy, assisted by low self-esteem. I learnt to doubt and second-guess myself and this is a HUGE lesson to have to unlearn." 

Over the years, Lorna has delivered thousands of technical, informative, persuasive and transformational speeches, across her native Caribbean, across the United States and several countries in Europe.

She leverages her in-your-face personality, her contagious sense of humour and her deep passion to help you find and release the best of yourself.

No wonder she is truly the transformational speaker you want to hear...

Image of testimonials from Lorna's speaking events
Image of Lorna in action as a speaker
Image of testimonials from Lorna's speaking events

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Hear from Lorna Herself...

Transforming You...

As a result of my innovative speaking, writing and working  with men and women of all ages, they have found the courage to reach inside  themselves and release the brakes on their big ideas and begin moving confidently towards their hidden goals and silent dreams.

I’m looking for people who are ready to transform their lives, scale their small businesses, expand their personal speaking capacity or develop a world-class mindset for success...

So, who do you know?


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