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 Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

She is a phenomenal woman! She ensured that her student grasped the knowledge of story telling she was sharing with us. She gave us the means to express ourselves even when we’re feeling very passionate and emotional. Even though I was crying too much to tell my story, I feel that I have acquired the means to do so one day… ~ Monique Douglas – Para legal


The Facilitator was dynamic and approachable! She made the Presentation Skills Workshop very interactive and practical. She helped participants to reach inside themselves and find the courage to share their stories! ~ Jo-Ann George – Social Safeguards Specialist


This workshop helped me to overcome fear and develop my presentation skills. The Facilitator made the students feel comfortable and motivated us to overcome our limitations and move forward! ~ Regina Constentiso – Teacher


The Presentation Skills Workshop is preparation for life! The Facilitator is special, excellent and a star for Hollywood! – Addis Darlington – Workshop Participant


The workshop on Story Telling was very enjoyable, informative and interactive. The facilitator was energetic, self-confident and obviously a very experienced public speaker and presenter ~ Andrea Jordan – Midwife, Breast-feeding Specialist


The Facilitator was exceptional! She simplified the topic of Presentation Skills and made my experience as a learner less stressful ~ Monique James – Youth Commissioner


The Presentation Skills workshop was interesting and interactive! The facilitator was very energetic and engaging and took us completely out of our comfort zone ~ Makiba Neblett – Billing Clerk


The Presentation Skills Workshop was very interactive! The participatory method which the Facilitator used was excellent! ~ Anna Williams – Asst Director


I learnt a lot about making a presentation! The Facilitator was entertaining, energetic and made the information easy to understand and this helped me to move out of my “public speaking” comfort zone! ~ Jerome Moise – Self-employed


The Facilitator was very knowledgeable about Presentation Skills. She made the workshop interactive, made sure that everybody participated and was very supportive when participants told their stories. ~ Oscar Marcello – Teacher


The Facilitator was very good! She was very explicit and I was able to follow her, even though I don’t speak too much English, I still learnt how to tell my story! ~ Stephanio Faustin – Student


This workshop on Critical Aspects of Public Speaking was so very informative that it has renewed my confidence in public speaking! Ms Barrow is the best Facilitator I’ve ever had! ~ Raymond Morris – Police Sergeant


The workshop on Critical Aspects of Public Speaking was highly informative, very engaging and quite helpful to me! The Facilitator was very good! She has a great personality, she’s very knowledgeable and was able to provide practical solutions to help us with our problems! ~ Hascal Johnson – Police Officer


This session on Debating Skills was very enlightening and a great eye-opener! Lorna was outstanding as a Facilitator and was able to make me feel comfortable in the classroom! ~Elliot Bovell – Inspector of Police


The workshop on Communication Skills and Public speaking was informative and well-delivered! Ms Barrow was well-versed, interactive, and she ensured that the participants didn’t leave as uninformed as when we arrived! – Ian Weeks – Police Officer


The workshop on Critical Aspects of Public Speaking was informative and educational. Ms Barrow’s was very good and she got the whole class to participate. I now feel encouraged to get out there and practice my public speaking! ~ Geraldiana Corbin – Police Officer


Interactive, high-energy, and informative is how I would describe the workshop on Critical Aspects of Public Speaking! Ms Barrow is a very energetic Facilitator who delivered masterfully! ~ Shawn Lynch – Police Sergeant


Ms Barrow is well-versed in the topic of Public Speaking and was able to deliver the session in a very professional manner. She was also able to respond in a very effective manner to all the questions she was asked. She has a great sense of humour which she used to put the class at ease! ~ Peter Small – Police Officer


The session on Critical Aspects of Public Speaking was very informative and it provided me with practical information which I can use in my line of work. The Facilitator also made the session interactive and enjoyable! ~ Kerrieanne King – Senior Environmental Health Officer


The session on Critical Aspects of Public Speaking was extremely informative and timely. The facilitator was quite adept at the subject matter and and was exceptional in her delivery of the material, which she did in a manner that was easy to understand! ~ Treveron Richards – Police Prosecutor


Ms Barrow was very energetic in delivering Critical Aspects of Public Speaking and possess both advance knowledge of the topic and tips you can begin practicing immediately! ~ Police Officer


 Ms Barrow was as always very friendly and relaxing as she delivered Critical Aspects of Public Speaking. It is sessions like this that make you feel very satisfied! ~ Anderson Waldron – Senior Court Marshal


This session was a learning experience for me! I learnt that in order to successfully deliver a presentation, you need to research, prepare and present properly and with confidence! I learnt this because Ms Barrow was thorough in delivering the session Debating Skills from her wealth of knowledge! ~ Athanatius Mitchel – Police Prosecutor



Better Business Meetings


The workshop was very informative! It made me aware of how to conduct myself at a meeting. I find Ms Barrow to be honest and she has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience of the subject which she teaches ~ Bonnie Husbands – Supervisor


Extremely detailed and informative! Fun to work with and extremely accomodationg…very comfortable ~ Wendy Chandler – Duty Manager


Very impressive! I learned what should really happen at a meeting. Ms Barrow is very down to earth and very knowledgeable of the subject. She made me feel very comfortable throughout the four days. A very good instructor! ~ Ricardo Pope – Accountant 


Came out of the workshop with a considerable amount of knowledge on how to EFFECTIVELY plan and execute meetings. No more wasting time! Lorna is an excellent facilitator, knowledgeable, appropriate presentation skills ~ Camille Simmons – Duty Manager


The workshop was very informative. I also learnt hands on skills while having fun. Lorna is also knowledgeable in the areas of meetings. I plan on attending some of her other workshops ~ Yvette Alleyne – Manager – Custodial Services


The workshop was very informative, explanations were clear and concise. The actual scenarios at the end highlighted the areas that I need to pay more attention to. Lorna exudes a high level of self-confidence, she is very knowledgeable in her field and is very much in control of her workshop ~ Sophia Alleyne – Supervisor


I learned a lot at this workshop and it was fun. You learned a lot more when you’re having fun. I think I will do a better job at writing minutes and planning meetings now I know better. Ms Barrow has a wealth of knowledge and she makes learning easy. She presents the participants with challenging scenarios which give us the opportunity to learn ~ Sharon Marshall – Security Officer II (Supervisor)


The workshop was an important tool in management development. I would recommend it to all people interested in management protocols. The presentations by Lorna were excellent and involved much participation ~ Jason Inniss – Operations Manager


The workshop was interesting and informative. Ms Barrow is knowledgeable and has the personality that is suitable for the delivery of the programme ~ Nicole Harris – Administrative Assistant


The workshop was very helpful, informative and the knowledge can be easily applied. Ms Barrow has excellent presentation skills. She presented an entertaining workshop which maintained my interest from start to finish (4 days) ~ Kerie Forde – Administrative Assistant



Communication & Customer Service

The workshop was very enlightening and realistic. It addressed aspect of customer service issues in a practical way. I would really like more workshops pin pointing specific issues. Lorna was very down to earth, easy to listen to and very impactful. Quite a motivator! ~ Janelle St.Hill – Office Manager 


The workshop was very educational and informative. It was also an eye opener. I am very glad I attended the workshop. Lorna was dynamic in her training. She made it very exciting and she also gave us food for thought ~ Sales Assistant


The workshop was very informative. Lorna made it fun by creating an easy environment for learning ~ Kim Maynard – Sales Assistant


To me, the workshop was very informative. I learnt how to deal with difficult customer and I also learnt about myself in that I have to put more into my listening skills. Lorna is lots of fun and her ways of getting the message across was very good – Angela Nurse – Supervisor


This workshop was very informative and effective. Lorna is very direct in putting over her points and one who seeks to bring about a change in persons’ lives ~ Pamela Browne – Administrator


I think it (the workshop) was very informative, educational and worthwhile. I enjoyed it very much. I think Lorna was excellent in her presentation, she was funny and I enjoyed it. I am glad I came in the end ~ Rossana Skeete – Sales


The workshop was extremely informative. Lorna knows the material extremely well. She was able to put forward the information accurately with a sense of humour which made the workshop fun and interesting ~ Mona Crawford – Customer Care Rep



Communication Skills


The workshop was informative and enlightening. It taught about effective communication, barriers to communication and communication styles. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and I am sorry it was not longer. Ms Barrow was very warm and welcoming in her presentation. She allowed much interaction from the audience. She presented real life situations to enhance her presentation. She made us think about our day-to-day interactions with co-workers and persons in our personal lives ~ Diana Atwell – Evidence Officer


I found the session very informative and educational. At the end I had a good understanding of what communication meant. At the end, I had a good understanding of what communication meant and it also helped me to determine the type of communicator I am. I thought Ms Barrow was lively, extremely entertaining and was able to take full control of the session. Her high-spirited interaction set the tone for a most enjoyable session ~ Frank Gilkes – Postal Officer


It (The workshop) was informative, enlightening and entertaining. Lorna knows how to relate to people and present herself confidently ~ Registered Nurse


The workshop was very helpful to me. I feel more assertive and I am armed with more skills as it relates to public speaking and communication at all levels. Ms Barrow was awesome, dynamic, stimulating and most of all a very skillful communicator and public speaker. She was able to attract the audience’s attention throughout ~ Nevinson Worrell – Nursing Officer


The course brought simple meaning to terms that I had previously found difficult to understand. The content was packed with relevant information which helped your to understand where you have advantages and disadvantages in communicating. The presenter was pleasant and very knowledgeable about her topic. This was good as the questions asked got appropriate answers ~ Kimberley Cox – Staff Nurse


This workshop set the standard that all others coming to this organisation should try to maintain. It is the BEST I have taken part in and I l leave it well-educated. You know talent when you see and hear it. Ms Barrow can represent the West Indies in any part of the world ~ Timothy Sealy – Archives Keeper


I find it (the workshop) very informative, participative and effective. Lorna’s style of communicating is dynamic and exciting ~ Akanni Mc Dowall – Health Inspector


The session brought back memories of the issues surrounding communication: listening, barriers, etc. The class was interactive which allowed the information to stay me. Lorna was inspirational and encouraging. She is very versed in the subject and knows how to get participants involved in the discussion. She is fun ~ Kim Bobb-White -Welfare Officer


The workshop was very interesting and educational. Just needs some more workshops like this. “You are a professional, very well-educated and intellectual ~ Neville Alleyne – Section Leader


HRM for Small Business


Many interesting points were introduced and discussed in relation to small business development. The workshop was very interesting and created an atmosphere for an individual to understand (the information) and feel comfortable to interact with each other. Lorna made sure all aspects of the topic was understood by using day-to-day activities we go through every day ~ Andre Boyce – Office Manager


The workshop was very informative. I was made aware about topics new to me. Lorna was very knowledgeable in her presentation ~ Carol-Ann Gaskin – Office Manager


Timely, effective and enlightening. Provided understanding of the daily and simple issues which arise surrounding Human Resource Management and its impact on small business ~ David Inniss – Operations Manager


The workshop help me in making adjustment to my handbooks and my application forms and help me understand more about being an HR Manager ~ Jennifer Stoute – Manager


The workshop provided a lot of information on handling employees. E.g. how important to it is to follow procedures and labour laws. Lorna was helped in making things easy to understand. She was friendly and made it easy for us to share our comments and grievances ~ Akheema Jones – Office Assistant


The workshop information was very timely for me. I found it to be an eye opener in many instances and I am encouraged to do what it takes to improve my business. I found Ms Barrow’s presentations to be thought-provoking. She has encouraged me to take a total look at my business practices ~ Deborah Jordan – Manager 


Very informative and an eye opener. A great beginner’s course to understanding HR Management as a small business owner. Lorna is a fun, fantastic facilitator with great people skills and understanding of the workplace ~ Keeley Holder – Managing Director


Very enjoyable, detailed and informative workshop. Lorna knows her work, she’s great with people and delivered a wonderful workshop ~ Jeremy Brathwaite – Manager


I fully enjoyed participating in this very informative, entertaining and interactive workshop. Lorna is a humorous and entertaining facilitator. She encouraged interaction among all participants, in this manner they were all relaxed and learnt a lot ~ Natalie Walcott-Edwards – Respiratory Therapist 


It was a very good workshop. It opened my eyes to a lot of stuff that I did not know, things I was doing that I thought were right and things I could put over differently. Lorna is very informative. You can ask her anything and you can be sure to get an answer, even if she had to explain it in a different way. Well done! ~ Michelle Croney – Nursery Manager


Write-On-Target Report Writing


The workshop was GREAT! Learned lots of new stuff…I know I can now write a better report. The facilitator was great as well. This Lady knows her stuff! ~ Patrick Thompson – Senior Supervisor


From the beginning of the workshop, it was interactive and there was a lot of practice sessions. The handouts were appropriate and reader-friendly. Ms Barrow is very engaging and knowledgeable in her field ~ Marguerita Haynes – Admin/HR Coordinator


I found it (the workshop) to be quite educational but short. Lorna is very articulate ~ Michael Hunte – Supervisor


Very informative but should be longer. As a facilitator, Ms Barrow is very good. She makes you feel comfortable ~ Rawle Lynch


The workshop was very informative and I have gained a lot of useful information that I can use in my day-to-day line of work. The facilitator was clear and explained her points thoroughly ~ Terrol Hunte – Supervisor


This workshop was very timely and practical. It was a great experience to learn with Lorna who use great skills to keep the groups focused ~ Christopher Brathwaite – Supervisor


The workshop was very informative and I found the facilitator to be professional and yet informal at the same time, thus creating a relaxed atmosphere ~ Roger Abram – Production Supervisor


Interpersonal Skills


I found the workshop to be most informative, educational, uplifting, life-changing, motivating and challenging. The facilitator was interesting, intelligent, knowledgeable and knows how to impart the knowledge she has to those whom she is training ~ Henry Codrington- Treatment Plant Officer


This workshop was well-organised and the way it was executed was very helpful to me. Ms Barrow is an excellent facilitator  and one who knows her subject areas well ~ Mervyn Blackman – Supervisor 


The workshop was very educational and thought-provoking. I really enjoyed it and it has already helped me to be a better person. I love Lorna because she is more than a facilitator, she is human! ~ Heather Coward-Downes – Executive Committee Member


The workshop was extremely enlightening. The facilitator kept my interest session after session. She really knows her stuff ~ Kim Moseley – Insurance Underwriter


The workshop was very good. It has already helped me with my work. The facilitator was very good to us ~ Carl Boyce – Truck Driver


It was educational and imparted much knowledge and I totally enjoyed it. The facilitator was knowledgeable, down to earth and friendly ~ Jeffrey Grant – Manager Security Services and Property Management


This workshop was timely and very educational. (About the facilitator) “You are such a nice person. If I had to choose a person to teach me full-time, that person would be you!” Linda Brooks – Supervisor

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