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I did not decide to be a small business consultant.


I decided to be a small business owner. But the lessons I learnt in every area of starting, owning and running a business were so tremendous that I started thinking about it.


Then I had a spectacular (for me) business failure that left me over $100,000 in debt.


The experience and the lessons really skyrocketed and in no time, I knew I had reached small business expert status.  I now had no choice…


No choice but to package all my joy, despair, excitement, misery and all the fabulous and insightful business lessons I learnt, into one BIG small business consultant suitcase.


The enormous and valuable insight which I gained from my business failure, which is worth every $ you will pay me, is that big business systems and approaches do not work when they are scaled down to fit small business.


I came to realise that a small business is often owned and led by the same passionate person(s). This means that you will often have personal preferences and a vision which might not be in sync with the business strategies I propose.


After all, just because your  business is hemorrhaging does not mean that you are ready to give it a transfusion.


When I work with your small business, I understand ALL the issues. This means that I can design solutions which are right for your business…and you. I recommend paths to profitability that acknowledged your personal peculiarities and specific objectives for the business.


For you, the huge benefit in this is that you don’t pay me for solutions which you are not ready to implement.


You can also achieve results similar to these:

  • plugging of leaks which stop the flow of  approximately US$ 53,000 out of the business within 2  months
  • streamlined several ad hoc processes
  • implement simple systems to streamline operations
  • improved staff morale considerably
  • improved productivity by about 30%
  • continuous improving customer relations


Here is what the business owner who experienced these results had to say:


This is fantastic! Truthfully…I did NOT think you could do it. I was anxious about hiring you and I was prepared to close the business but now I can really go out and do the things I want to do and enjoy life. Thank you, Lorna Barrow!!


Adrian Kirton – Owner/ CEO – First Class Fitness Centre


Now, if you want to experience your version of this success, then contact me and find out how I can make it happen for you…


But before you do, check out the business services which our clients request the most.









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