image of founder Lorna Barrow delivering training

You’re thinking so hard I can hear your thoughts…


You’re wondering “what makes this woman think that she could come to train me and develop my entrepreneurship and small business skills?”


Just so you know, I am the Founder of businesses which have been in existence for more than 20 years and I’ve been the Founder of at least two that I’ve closed in three years or less after their opening gala.


Moreover, I’ve overcome no/low self-esteem and no self-confidence of epic proportions to create and powerfully lead teams to what seemed like impossible success. 


In addition I’ve raised two children to be entrepreneurs (in the purest form!) and I am very much a part of their businesses.


Just so you know, I’ve been accused of being a bitch and a darling…in equal proportions. I was amused that people expected me to respond to either of these accusations. 


I have borrowed money and paid it back with ease and I have borrowed some that paying it back turned into a disease.


I’ve had many sleepless nights about how to pay “business gone bad” debts of over $100,000 (us$50,000).


That was until I embraced delegation and delegated those problems to God and the bank.


But if I know anything…it’s how small business really works, how it should work and how you can make yours work.


That’s me, Lorna Barrow Founder|Business Breakthrough Specialist|Coach|Consultant! 


The amazing lessons I have learnt

Through all my challenges and successes, I’ve learnt amazing lessons and I’ve learnt them well!


And I found lessons in those businesses that failed as well as those that succeeded.


I found lessons in the times when I had money to deposit in the bank and even more when the bank called to say I had exceeded my overdraft.


Here are some of those lessons I learnt:


1. How to remain true to your dreams even as they are causing you nightmares

2.  How to be strategic and make everything you do take you towards your ultimate goal

 3. You cannot define yourself by your debt

4.  How to be a single mother and still have it all

 5.  What it takes to be successful in business and it’s not what you think 

 6. You cannot force big business approaches and strategies to work for small businesses

7.  If you allow others to determine what your success looks like, you might never believe you’re successful 

8.  How to choose and work with a business partner

9.   You should only be a Founder of a business which is in sync with your values

 10. To always lighten up and laugh


But the biggest lesson I have learnt is:

You cannot grow your business unless and until you grow yourself!


And that’s the one I want most to teach you! 

What I’m known for…

Naturally, the lessons I learnt were too valuable to keep to myself, so what did I do?


I surrounded them with practical skills and added the tested experience I acquired along the way and wrapped everything up in a single solution just for you called “Impact Training & Development Services (ITDS).


Through ITDS, I am known for:


1.Kick-ass training which actually delivers the planned results…and more!

2.  Unconventional approaches – to solving your problems, to leadership, to doing business and even to living life

3.  Coaching which places you in charge of the process while at the same time holding you accountable for your results

4.  Using my wide knowledge and vast experience to consult in many areas of small business 

5.  Developing HR systems, processes and approaches for small businesses

6.  Breaking down complex concepts into simple steps and communicating them effectively to clients or participants in a training room

7.  Delivering motivational and technical speeches with equal ease

8.  Shortening the journey and killing the pain for new start-ups 

9.  An amazing sense of humour


Pretty cool for a girl whose self-confidence was so low that at one time she didn’t have a bank account because everything about the bank intimidated her…don’t you think?

The BIG Guarantee

I never gave up on my dreams. And I never compromised my values. I always faced the music and like any good conductor, I control the entire orchestra right down to the last defiant note!


So now I guarantee you that YOU too can  have the life that you want. You  too can be a Founder of a business that represents who you are. 


Don’t believe that every story has to be one of rags to riches. 


I wish I had a fabulous “rags to riches” story to tell you but even if I did, the Inland Revenue Department in my country would be after me in a hurry.


And I suspect that you don’t have one to tell me either.


What I have to tell you is a wonderful story of evolving and growing and finding tremendous courage to live my life and make money on my own terms.


That too can be your story.


What I have, and I’ve always had, is a burning desire to be the very best that I can ever be.


Over time, and because people kept asking me, I’ve come to realise  that I can help people become their most sensational self.


And if you let me…I can help you be the business Founder. Just contact me…




Now just pick up another juicy part of my story here…