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What we do…

ITDS is a boutique Training & Development Business. For more than 20 years, we have been solving the business development, training and communication needs of small businesses, entrepreneurs and organisations.


We work in both the profit and not-for-profit sectors.


At ITDS, we train, develop and coach small business owners, leaders of small organisations and their teams to achieve their goals.


We design, conduct and organize training programs to improve your employees’ performance and ensure your business is continuously productive. 


We also turnaround businesses by pulling them apart and putting them back together so that what they do is what they were set up to do. 


How we do it…

First, by living our mission which is to:

Help small business owners grow and scale their businesses by acquiring/honing key business and interpersonal skills 


Taking that further, we depend on the following for success:


Innovation – to create new solutions and ideas which must work for you every time


Resourcefulness – how we combine knowledge, skills and experience to understand your problem and solve them in the fastest possible time


Fun – because we enjoy what we do for you and we celebrate your success 


Simplicity – because it’s what you value most


Collaboration – with other service providers to give you a complete solution


Why we do it…

We do what we do because at ITDS, we know first hand that small businesses are unique and therefore require unique solutions, tools and approaches.


 And we also know that scaling down big business approaches to address small business issues does not work and never will!


We are that small business that knows how to serve small business. And that’s what we do.


How you benefit…

You benefit in so many ways…


But overall you get to work with a business which understands your issues, problems and circumstances and can design solutions to address them.


You get to make a big impact with your small business – on your customers, on your niche, on your bottom line.


Through our website, Facebook pages, blogs and articles across the web, we give you tips, tools, advice and other resources which you can begin using right away…


Please read the story of our founder here. 


And contact us  so we can help you move your business forward…


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