Why Choose Us For Your Business?

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1.  We help you to get the training at affordable costs that drives your business model and supports your goals and strategies

2. We breakdown complex concepts into simple steps and teach them in a friendly adult manner

3. We ensure that what your employees learn in our workshops shows up in your business...fast

1. We explain why you need coaching throughout your company

2.  We design coaching for you, the Business Owner, and for your employees as well

3.  We also focus on your professional development and your role as an influencer in your sector 

1.  We begin the process with a comprehensive analysis of your entity(Get the tool we use for FREE!)

2.  We present our findings and give you extra help in a way that matches the personality and technical knowledge of you, the owner

3.  We use proven methods to ignite your business success and help you get the breakthroughs you want


Business Tools to help you get started...

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More significant than the important services we provide, is the experience we love to create for our customers. Here’s an insight into how we do that...


Our personal development services are for you as well as your team members. You can also team up with you colleagues and have fun as you learn. Contact us now that you're ready for outstanding results.


More than anything else, we make sure that the practical training you get is the one that drives your serious goals and strategies...the ones that matters most to you...



When my personal relationship fell apart, I won't lie, I started losing interest in my business as well. That's when my friend recommended Lorna Barrow as the one person I would want to help me fix all this. How right she was! Lorna was professional, yet friendly and managed to get to the core of my problems and coached me through those rough times. Thanks again Lorna! It was the best money I have ever spent and I continue to recommend you!

~ Rhonda F - Business Owner 


Ms Barrow is well-versed in the topic of Public Speaking and was able to deliver the session in a very professional manner. She was also able to respond in a very effective manner to all the questions she was asked. She has a great sense of humour which she used to put the class at ease!

Peter Small – Police Officer


Nothing was working in my company. It was as if I had hit a wall. Then I called up Lorna since I had seen what she had done with another company. It is the the best decision I have made in a long time. Her analysis of my business was thorough (and painful!) and her recommended solutions were just right and very practical. She was also able to provide training for the staff as part of the package. I am still in business today thanks to Lorna and the team at ITDS!

~ Eustace S - Business Owner 


Yeah...contact us.  Let us transform your learning so you can transform your life!