MY BIG "WHY?"...

I have a vision of a small business sector in which the Owners and Entrepreneurs are leading and growing their businesses faster and better, by investing in their own personal and professional development. It's a space in which they understand that they cannot run a $20m enterprise, with $2m thinking or skills.


I created a business where Caribbean and other small business owners and managers can access practical soft skills training for themselves and their staff.


For example, As a result of working with us at Impact Training & Development Services (ITDS), you will rapidly scale your companies and sky-rocket your public speaking and communication skills.


In addition, you will boldly make decisions, develop and apply relevant street-smart solutions and actually build your confidence, so you can make a recognised difference in your niche.


Then you can also access our "fix-it blog" one-on-one confidential coaching and training programmes specially designed for you. Add to these our newsletter "The Business Fix and other really useful business solutions and you have a truly winning combination of tools and services you can access.


 SO CONTACT US... us. We mean it when we say that our solutions work for you! 

Business Tools to help you get started...


More significant than the important services we provide, is the experience we love to create for our customers. Here’s an insight into how we do that...


Our personal development services are for you as well as your team members. You can also team up with you colleagues and have fun as you learn. Contact us now that you're ready for outstanding results.


More than anything else, we make sure that the practical training you get is the one that drives your serious goals and strategies...the ones that matters most to you...

Business Tools to help you soar...


If you are a leader, your biggest role is "influencer". This programme gives you the public speaking skills to OWN this role!


This practical leadership training is really an "application tool" that teaches you "how to do" instead of just telling you "what to do!" 



That's right! Using our signature 5-step approach, this programme DOES take you from struggle to success.