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I’m Lorna Barrow…


And welcome to the most recent past issues of  my newsletter “Lorna @ Large!” (formerly “Your Business Fix)


Every week in this newsletter I address a SINGLE ISSUE impacting some aspect of your business or your personal/professional development.


In this way, I instantly upgrade your knowledge/skill and or improve your personal/professional development.


My goal is to help you grow as fast as you grow your business…So you know I’m really glad to see you on this page!


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But Before You Go…A glimpse of  Lorna

Just so you know, I am the Founder of businesses which have been in existence for more than 20 years and I’ve been the Founder of at least two that I’ve closed in three years or less, after their opening gala.


Moreover, I’ve overcome no/low self-esteem and no self-confidence of epic proportions to create and powerfully lead teams to what seemed like impossible success. 


In addition I’ve raised two children to be entrepreneurs (in the purest form!) and I am very much a part of their businesses.


Furthermore, I’ve been accused of being a bitch and a darling…in equal proportions. I was amused that people expected me to respond to either of those accusations. 


I have borrowed money and paid it back with ease and I have borrowed some that paying it back turned into a disease.


I’ve had many sleepless nights about how to pay “business gone bad” debts of over $100,000 (us$50,000).


That was until I embraced delegation and delegated those problems to God and my bank.


But if I know anything…it’s how small business really works, how it should work and how you can make yours work.


That’s me, Lorna Barrow Founder| Business Breakthrough Specialist| Coach| Consultant! And you can contact me anytime you want.


Now…Read the rest of my story…


With love and always rooting for your success…


P.S. Oh! Don’t forget your past issues! 

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