Nobody Delivers Business Training Like ITDS!


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Whatever the size of your business, business training is essential to growing your business, serving your customers and making a profit.


We’re tired of watching you and other small business owners take tools, concepts and practices design and developed for big business and just scaling them down and trying to make them fit your small business.


Well, we’re having none of it!


At ITDS we know which business training works for your small business and we deliver it in a way that exactly matches your circumstances.


Our research tells us that there are three main reasons why businesses buy training. Check them out:

  1. To correct a problem
  2. To change behaviour
  3. To comfort themselves they have done something for employees cannot hire us for #3 but for #1 and #2, then we can certainly be bought, especially if you're in the small business sector.


When we deliver business training you get the results you want. We breakdown complex concepts into simple steps so that you can work with them immediately.


We open up our "training lounge" and once you enter, we remove the fear and anxiety you feel about coming to training. We correct problems and enable changes in your behaviour and also the behaviour of your team.


But more than anything else, we make sure that the business training you get is the one that drives your business goals and strategies.


We don't claim to be everything to everybody but we specialise in the following areas:

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Better Business Meetings
Communication Skills
Change Management
Report Writing
Proposal Writing
Project Management
Human Resource Management for SMEs
Supervisory Management
Customer Service
Corporate Governance for Non-profits

Now go right ahead and contact us if you would like to tell us what you're struggling with in your business or your business life.