What you know about leadership...

You are not stupid. You understand the importance of effective leadership to your businesses. But finding a model that works for your business is another story.

This leaves you and your business stuck in a place where you're making money, but you’re doing everything yourself and even though you’re able to pay your bills,  you regularly experience “feast and famine”.

You're also frustrated because your business is taking too long to reach the phase where it's making you the money you intended when you started it. You also need this money for contribution to the wider society.

So something has to happen and it has to happen now!

BUT, you have a problem...

Your Leadership problem...

Rapid Scale Experts and Turnaround Consultants all agree that businesses that scale rapidly are owned by people who continually investigate where and how value is being produced in their businesses – and this is the very nature of  successful leadership.

The BIG problem is that leadership training for small business owners, entrepreneurs and service professionals cannot be met by traditional leadership theories or traditional training and coaching.

What you need is a specific, custom-designed approach which is based on the context in which you lead and also includes the environment in which you have to lead.

Enter: Rapid Scale Leadership!

What is Rapid Scale Leadership?

It's a leadership training programme which combines useful ideas, meaningful insights and practical skills of leadership into an “application” tool which you can apply to the context and environment in which you are, or will be leading.

In other words...it shows you “how to do” instead of just telling you “what to do”.

Who is it for? 

It's for you if you are...

  • A Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Service Professional with a business that has capacity to grow
  • A Progressive thinker ready to embrace change. If you’re stuck in the past and not ready to change we’ll frustrate each other
  • Open to exposing your leadership weaknesses and getting them fixed because you understand that your business can only grow as fast and as far as you do
  • A do-ER, not just a think-ER
  • NOT all talk and no action it’s likely we’ll hate each other
  • Willing to be evaluated by your team before and after the training and share it with us
  • 100% committed to doing the required work to achieve the change in yourself and your businesses. This is where your big wins are. If you have a history of starting and not completing, we don’t want to be party to helping you waste your money


What will you get when you attend? 

Great Content 


1. The nature of “small business” leadership

2. Understanding the difference between scale and growth

3. The “colour” of your leadership and why people follow you

4. Matching leadership skills to the context in which they are needed

5. Developing your personal Action Plan for yo to change and grow as a leader

6. Analyse and understand your business within its marketplace

7. Using “failure” to improve you as a leader

8. 10 “Small Business” Leadership Skills and how you will apply them

9. Creating a performance culture in your business

10. Mentorship – A model to grow your business 3.5 X faster

11. Identifying and focusing on your big wins

12. Aligning resources and systems to support your agreed goals


Serious Support


1.    Unlimited email support with a response in 24-hrs or less during the life of your training

2.    Short periods of telephone support as needed

3.    Links to supporting on-line content

4.    Accountability support (if needed) to complete assignments and rescue you if you go astray

5.    Access to the ITDS’ team wisest advice and keenest attention

6.    One value-added group session on a topic not covered in the four steps (group decision)

7.    For those accepted into the programme, chance to benefit from a juicy Fast-Action Bonus

8.    Tools, templates, check lists and other (DFYs) Done for You

9.    A “Certificate to remind you of all you learnt  

How do we deliver it? 

On location - (Barbados)

  • In groups of not more than 15 persons ( For members of the public. Dates will be announced)
  • It can also be customized for use in-house by established businesses, to train and coach managers to improve their leadership skills
  • Content delivered by entrepreneurs with business experience and experiences which mirrors those of the participants

On location in your Caribbean Country


  •  One-on-One (as in a select group of 6 persons) as a coaching programme

Your next steps... 

 You now have two choices:

#1.  Continue your hit and miss, frustration-filled  approach to leading your business or

#2.  Get serious and get help to fast-track your leadership success and by extension, your wealth.

If you choose #2, then Rapid Scale Leadership is for you.

If you would like to be considered for one of the spots on the next programme, request your Qualification Questionnaire from me at lorna@impacttrainingservices.com, complete it and return it to me immediately.  Be sure to let me know if you want to be part of a group or if you prefer to work One-on-One.

If you would like the programme conducted in-house, then rush me an email at lorna@impacttrainingservices.com

Now go ahead and contact me if you need to for any further information at all...

To your  "New Leader" success

Rapid Scale Leadership

Coordinator and Lead Facilitator
Impact Training & Development Services