Exchange Struggle for Success With This 5-Step Breakthrough Blueprint


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Dear Success-Seeker 


Are you wondering why your success always seems to happen to the other person and whatever you do nothing seems to work?


Are you tired of struggling to make money for you and your business but you don’t know the first step to take?


Are you ready for a breakthrough blueprint to blast through your struggles and claim your success?


Then the Struggle to Success Breakthrough Blueprint is for you!


But what is the Struggle to Success Breakthrough Blueprint?


Hi I'm Lorna Barrow...


And I want to introduce you to my PROVEN  5-step SYSTEM that you can use to exchange your struggles for success whenever you are ready. I continue to use this system to coach both men and women to transform their lives, their careers and their businesses. And I can help YOU too. What am I talking about?






It's the Struggle to Success Breakthrough Blueprint...A 5-STEP SYSTEM that takes you from AWARENESS, through ALIGNMENT, ADVANCEMENT,   and AMASSING, all the way to AMPLIFYING where your success really takes off!


The Struggle to Success Blueprint is for you if you are: 


  • A small business owner who has been in business “long enough” and is still struggling to experience the success that led you to set up a business in the first place


  • An  Entrepreneur who is now starting out and want to “short circuit” the struggle and reach success faster


  • A busy professional in a demanding job who wants a blueprint to end your struggle and jump-start your success


  • A group of 5 - 7 small business people, entrepreneurs or busy professionals who needs a to get to success fast


Look what you will experience when you let me coach you through this system:






Step 1 – Awareness:

Identifying your hidden holdbacks and the reasons for your struggles

Confusion and misery about why you cannot achieve your goals and what you’re doing wrongUnderstanding of what’s holding you back and why you’re struggling
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Increased self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Empowered to take the next steps
Step 2 –  Alignment:Addressing the conflict in your business/ professional life and aligning holdbacks with “right” actions
  • Balancing personal and work life and not achieving business/ professional goals/targets
  •  Difficulty identifying which actions to take to begin removing the holdbacks, stop the struggles & start the growth
  •  Understanding the connection between holdbacks and the imbalance in your personal/professional life
  •  Feeling in control of your circumstances and realizing that work and life can be balanced
  •  An ordered list of specific strategies/action steps to be taken to overcome each holdback and restore life/work balance
Step 3 – Advancement:Moving forward with clarity based on a sound implementation planDeciding on how to move forward now that you have exposed your holdbacks because you’re now afraid of moving out of your comfort zone
  • Clarity on direction for your:
    • personal life
    •  professional/work life
    • Business growth
  • Some shifting out of your comfort zones
  • Developed a mission/ vision for self & work or business
  • Rapid personal & professional growth
  • Evolving into the person who can lead your business to success
  • Strong feelings of success
Step 4 – Amassing:Developing a money mindset and “right” ways for you to make moneyLack of understanding of the nature of money and how to  make money and keep it
  • Ability to embrace the energy of money
  • Practical steps for making & managing money
  • Money  intelligence
  • Growth in income
  • Money management
  • Strong feelings of success
Step 5 – Amplifying:Taking all that you learn to  develop a blueprint to really “enlarge” your results and take you forward rapidly and powerfullyLast-minute resistance to change and feelings of overwhelmA practical Blueprint designed by you that is easy to implement and documents the steps from  Struggle to Success which you can rinse and repeat to take you to each new level you want to reach
  • Know how to overcome struggle
  • Confidence to live a fully-charged life-style
  • Accelerated business and personal growth
  • Excitement about your business and the future

 Here's what one client had to say after just one session:


I was at a pivotal point in my business when I spoke with Lorna about having a coaching session. Lorna helped me gain a clear, precise understanding and perspective of areas that were blocking the growth of my business and preventing me from embracing a higher level of success.Her supportive coaching style, coupled with her breadth of knowledge, skill, intelligence, thoughtfulness, creativity and depth of practical experience are exceptional. 


By the time my session was completed in the afternoon, I left with tools, strategies and a framework, all of which could be easily implemented.Thank you again for your wonderful session. You put together the pieces in a way that I couldn’t have done on my own.If you feel you deserve the best and looking to revolutionize your business, I highly recommend you work with Lorna.”

 Nigel St.Hill – Money Management & Life Coach, 

Don't wait, contact me right now so you can stop struggling and get you success breakthrough blueprint right NOW!

To your success...