It’s Here! Public Speaking Workshop for Everyday Business People


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The Public Speaking Workshop: Public speaking for Everyday Business People…Yes, it’s here!


This Public Speaking Workshop for Everyday Business People is designed for you to learn how to easily write and deliver a simple, clear and effective presentation, that will influence your customers or your team to take the action you want them to.


It’s the workshop that takes your public speaking and presentation skills from timid to terrific!


It’s one full day of practical, step-by-step skills, designed and delivered by me and fueled by your active participation.


Your learning begins from the moment your register when you will receive your Action Journal.


Then it moves to your first speech right at the beginning of the workshop.


It goes through fun, challenging and engaging exercises, and ends with your last presentation which you can pack up and take on the road.


Here’s what Terri Nicholls – Retail Manager – shared about the workshop:

Before this workshop my public speaking was “so-so” at best. By the end of the workshop it had really improved! My biggest learning point was the structure I can follow to write a speech and I would get it (right) every time! Lorna is crazy! The workshop was well thought out and delivered and the examples she used were relatable!


Is this public speaking workshop for you?

Now, Perhaps you’re thinking: “this workshop is NOT for me!” but…what if you’re wrong?


You see, when you hear the term “Public Speaking” you immediately think of someone standing on a platform, or at least in front of an audience, and delivering a mind-blowing speech.


When you create this mental picture, you immediately think “not me!” and your fear of public speaking intensifies.


But the majority of people who depend on public speaking skills are seldom on the big stage.


Let’s look at a sample of who they are:

Team Leaders and Heads of Departments who need to communicate effectively as part of their team building strategies

Middle Managers and Supervisors whose performance is pivotal to the success of the business as well as their own success

Small Business Owners who must be able to sell their businesses and themselves if they are to remain in business

Newly-elected Leaders of Organisations who need to connect with their followers fast

Teachers and other Trainers and Presenters who want to deliver their special content in the most effective way

Church Leaders who want to keep their congregations awake an interested in their messages

Individual of Influence who want to expand their areas of influence

Individuals on a Personal Development path who want to increase their self-esteem and self-confidence


And you’re on that list!


Here’s what Davida Forde – Industrial Relations Officer – said about the workshop:

Before the workshop, my public speaking was relatively good  but not as strong as I wanted it to be. Now that I have completed the workshop it’s on its way to being where I want it to be and my confidence has definitely improved in the short time! My biggest learning point was writing my message first and setting out the structure. I enjoyed the workshop and your (Facilitator) personality and delivery style made the content easy to follow and work with!


What will happen for you when you come to this workshop and participate fully and actively:

 You will:

Easily learn a simple step-by-step process for writing and presenting a speech

Confidently leverage your own speaking style to build influence

Deliberately decide on your message & present it with clarity

Finally reduce your fears associated with Public Speaking

Quickly analyse and connect with your audiences

Knowingly leverage PowerPoint and other visual support

Build your confidence by evaluating speeches presented by others

Have fun while acquiring a game-changing skill


Here’s what Keilmar Farnum – Custom Broker – shared about the workshop:

Image of participant at public speaking workshop


Before the workshop, my public speaking was very poor and I didn’t have an understanding of how to structure a speech for maximum influence. Now that I have completed the workshop I can now structure a speech so that I can keep my audience fully interested in the message I am sharing! My biggest learning point was the method and structure to do this. Your (Facilitator) knowledge is deep and very impressive and I found the workshop very helpful!




If you have any questions at all, contact me and I’ll be happy to answer them.


Listen…to give you the individual attention you want during the workshop, it’s opened to a maximum of 15 participants only. First come, fist served. That’s it.


So contact me now to secure your place in this Public Speaking Workshop for Everyday Business People!  





P.S: If you want me to deliver this workshop in-house, contact me and we can arrange it!

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