Cover image for customer service showing a man delivering a box of customer service


Customer service is critical to helping you stay in business.


Are you surprised then, that there are almost as many definitions for customer service it as they are people deserving it? 


But for us, however you define it, delivering a great customer experience starts with simply training your people how to serve clients and customers in an outstanding fashion.


So you will understand why we’re reluctant to engage in quick fixes when it comes to delivering customer service improvements. 


That’s why we begin your customer experience upgrade by working with your managers. It’s necessary to help them develop their standard of “excellent customer service” as well as creating a service vision.


But we don’t stop there…


We help you to design and implement the right customer processes and systems improvements, so that your business becomes the place of choice for your existing and potential customers. Our experience is, that if you don’t start here,  customer service training is just a series of “activities” which never quite hit the mark.


Our goal is to also to make it easy for you to maintain the service improvements we work with you to implement. We also want you achieve the changes in the behaviour of your staff that will get the results you want.


We want to give you the chance to make your customer’s experience so memorable that they want to tell the world about it. 


When you’re serious enough to hire us to turnaround the way you serve your customer, we employ a 7-step system to take it to a level even beyond ours.


Here’s how the ITDS-Customer Service Investigation works:

1. Collaborate with you to understand your problem

2. Assess the way you presently deliver your customer service

3. Analyse the way your systems are integrated to support that delivery

4. Audit your existing customer skills and approaches across the business

5. Determine the nature of the transformation

6. Prescribe your smart turnaround solutions

7. Prescribe the nature of your continuous improvement


Yes…we do Customer Service Training too but it is ever so much more beneficial when you have systems in place to support it.


So stop cussing your front line staff and hire us to fix your problem at the back, so that the solution shows up at the front!


 Stop procrastination and contact us now! We can help you magnetise your customer!