(Last Updated On: April 5, 2021)


cover image showing businesswoman working from home


Working from home. It’s out there. Or maybe in this case we can say it’s “in here!”


Propelled by the Corona virus, it’s now the world hottest topic and apparently the sexiest as well.


Because I know how hot sex sizzles and then it fizzles, I wasn’t planning on “getting into this fray” as my grandmother would say. But if I have to do one more eye roll, I’m really scared my eyes will stick in the back of my head.


You see, I have been working from my home for about 20 years now. And when I hear some of the advice which is given about working from home, well…my eyes don’t wait on me, they just roll themselves.


So, I’m breaking my silence…


Not to undermine any of the information out there, oh no! Neither do I want to discourage you from working from your home.


Rather, I just want you to be aware of certain things, that you don’t even know you should know, as you set out on this journey. That’s why I’m sharing MY top 10 things you need to know to help you manage this serious change. 


So let’s dive right in…

Working From Home? Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Need To Know

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