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HR development can be considered one of the keys to small businesses success.


I still continue to be absolutely amazed at the Human Resources (HR) and Industrial relations (IR) mistakes made by business people, big and small, at all levels of the employment chain. While big business can “get away with” or recover from them, they can really speed up the demise of a small business.


Yet, how many times have you heard business leaders declare “our people are our greatest resource”?


How many times were you disappointed because these words were not backed by the right behavior?


Did you know that poper management of your human resources results in:

    1. continuously excellent customer service
    2. improved employee/employer relations
    3. 1 & 2 together result in superior returns on your investment forever


HR Development is not only for employees.  One of the things that it can help business owners with is the need for retaliation.


Sometimes the inclination to “fix an employee” is hard to resist especially when an incident makes you look like a fool. Recent (US) data shows that retaliation is now one of HR's top worries.


My suggestion: Just don't do it. And don't do anything that could be construed as retaliation, such as disciplining employees soon after they complain about something - even if the actions are justified.


A better approach would be to seek help with your own HR development.


That’s where ITDS comes in.


We meet with you, determine your specific HR development needs, customize a street-smart solution and then do the work of implementing it.  And we don’t stop there. We can provide you and your team with most of the HR training you need to ensure that your people are indeed your greatest resource.


So just contact me and your solution starts right now!