HR development is undoubtedly a powerful key to small business success.


So you will understand why I continue to be absolutely amazed at the Human Resources (HR) and Industrial relations (IR) mistakes made by businesses of all sizes.  While big business can “get away with” or recover from them, they can really speed up the demise of a small business.


And while I have your attention…how many times have you declared “our people are our greatest resource”? And how many times were you staff disappointed because you were not able to walk your talk?  


I bet it was because you didn’t know that when you manage your people properly, you will get: 

    1. ongoing excellent internal and external customer service
    2. improved relations between you and your employees 
    3. superior returns on your investment forever


So you see, you too can benefit from HR Development.


For example, it can help you get over the need for retaliation. Why is this important? 


Research shows that this is a weakness of many small business owners and recent (US) data shows that it is now one of HR’s top worries. I certainly come across very often in my work!


I know that sometimes it’s hard for you to resist the the inclination to “fix an employee”. Especially when an incident makes you look and feel like a fool. 


My suggestion: Just don’t do it. And don’t do anything that can be considered as retaliation. 


A better approach would be to seek help with your own HR Development.


That’s where ITDS comes in.


We meet with you, determine your specific HR development needs, customize a street-smart solution and then coach you to achieve it. We can provide you and your team with most of the HR training you need to ensure that your people are indeed your greatest resource.


So just contact me and HR solutions for you and your employees start right away!


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