So you have analysed your training needs, but…


We would be dishonest if we did not tell you that no…not every performance problem can be solved by rushing to train your staff. You sometimes have to look to coaching, systems changes and talent recruiting as some alternative solutions.


But when you’re ready to develop your staff, there is no question that ITDS is the provider you’re looking for.


You will discover that we understand how to train your employees from the inside out and then we train them from the outside in. That’s why we offer to analyse your training needs and the return on your training investment (ROTI) as stand-alone services, apart from staff development and coaching. 


Getting what your people learn in the training room to show up in your business, begins long before the actual programme begins. It actually starts with how accurately you analyse your employee development goals and  needs.


When we help you to determine these training needs it involves:

•  Helping you get clear on your business model

•  Reviewing your strategic goals and business strategies

•  Examining your HR strategies

•  Identifying the present and future skills requirements of the business

•  Determining which training can address these requirements

•  Showing you how to make your business a learning organization


And then we help you to calculate the actual dollars and cents of the return on your training investment (ROTI). This completes the information you need to make the decisions about the best way to develop your employees. 


And guess what? After we complete your employee development needs analysis,  you don’t even have to hire us to do the job. But why miss out on the convenience of having all your employee development needs handled in one place?


So go ahead…contact us now for your training needs analysis and check out our business training areas , you’ll see how much we can help you.

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