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Become A Top Level Speaker in 5 Proven Steps!



Recently, I was once again reminded why the top level of any business should have superior public speaking and presentation skills.


Sitting at a glitzy function organized by a leading company, I listened with dismay as speaker after speaker plodded through their speech, blissfully unaware that they were assaulting the ears of the audience and even worse, undermining the status of the organisation.


These were the men and women who had driven the operational success of their company for as many as 15 years. Now once again, as spokespersons, they were undermining their own great efforts with poor public speaking skills.


Are you one of these leaders? Does any of the following statements describe you?


You are that Top Leader who excels in managing and leading your team to remarkable success, but you somehow can’t effectively communicate your results to your clients and customers in a way which truly transforms these results into increase revenue…


You know your most important role is to continuously speak to the public as well as your clients and customers so that you keep them connected to your business, giving you endless opportunities to influence them. But something holds you back…


You want to blast through your last remaining Public Speaking blocks, overcome your apprehension about being criticized and really unleash your speaking power and deliver amazing speeches that re-position your organisation. But it ain't happening anytime soon…


Becoming a Top Level Speaker can really remove all these and let you achieve the awesome success you want!



Who/What Is a Top Level Speaker?


A Top Level Speaker is a Business or Organisation Leader who is a confident, successful speaker and presenter who can easily leverage personal influence and high-level speaking skills to explode business and organizational results.


A Top Level Speaker is also on the way to the top of his/her business or organisation and is in search of speaking skills to speed up this process.


A Top Level Speaker is also an industry professional who is looking to stand out from the crowd and knows that public speaking skills is by far her/his best weapon.


How Do You Become One?


  • Make sure you have basic public speaking skills
  • Have the mental mindset to write and deliver several speeches in a short time
  • Be willing to accept feedback and combine it with new skills to enhance growth


Please Note:


The programme can be delivered as an in-house programme for businesses or organisations as well as a coaching programme for individuals or small groups.



What is the Top Level Speakers Programme?


It’s a Signature Collection of 5 powerful and practical public speaking workshops, designed from my over twenty-five years of public speaking skills,  knowledge and experience, backed by over 5 years of researching and reviewing your public speaking needs.


This Signature Collection of 5 targeted workshops is designed with your lifestyle in mind and will take your speaking skills from the basement to the top level.


The programme will provide you with the high-level skills and knowledge you need to transform yourself into a confident, successful Top Level Speaker, who can easily exert personal and organizational influence to connect with any audience.



What Does The Programme Offer? 


When you commit to becoming a Top Level Speaker, you get: 


  • Superior content to expand your knowledge and insight into the business of public speaking and presentation skills 


  • Fabulous tools, templates and techniques to rapidly “upscale” your public speaking and presentation skills


  • Real time practice with new skills supported by feedback and advice to help you own those skills


  • A high-quality DVD which tracks your growth right from your first speech all the way to your top level, award-winning speech 


  • Strategic assistance with any speech you have to deliver up to 3 months after completing the programme


  • Free copies of my on-line public speaking publications


  • For those accepted into the programme, chance to benefit from a juicy Fast-Action Bonus


  • A Top Level Certificate of Participation



Why You Have to Become a Top Level Speaker 


When you can fearlessly stand up and speak and present in public, you:


  • continuously connect your business/organization with stakeholders, customer and the public and in so doing, build goodwill towards the business


  • describe and sell the business/organisation products and services in a winning, professional manner which will increase sales and ensure the business maintains and increases market share


  • present critical information effectively which improves the implementation of strategies and increases business results


  • have the confidence to speak to the public more and this in turn gives you the power to shape the agenda and frame the arguments – in your favour


  • leverage public speaking skills to negotiate anything


  • put a face to your company and this is important because people prefer to deal with people instead of faceless corporations


  • inspire your staff by sharing your vision in a way that they can understand and buy into 


  • build confidence and credibility because the more you are willing to speak in public, the more you will tend to improve your public speaking skills and the more confident and credible you will become


  • become a channel for change when you have mastered public speaking skills which you can leverage to inspire, motivate, encourage, influence and help people


  • build personal courage by standing up on a stage and talking, even when you may feel like running away and hiding, thereby helping you to do the same in other areas of your life


  • you explode your career, value and income because you now have Top Level speaking skills which add tremendous value to your profile and career growth



More About The Facilitator...


My name is Lorna Barrow and I can help you transform your public speaking from average to AMAZING!


Over the years, Public Speaking has been and continues to be the most influential and lucrative skill I have been able to acquire.


Look at what I have been able to achieve, and continue to achieve with my Top Level Speaking skills:


  • Delivered hundreds of technical, persuasive and motivational speeches in my job roles such as Accountant, Women’s Project Coordinator, Caribbean Congress of Labour and Executive Director of the Barbados Coalition of Service Industries. 


These speeches built goodwill for the organisations, connected them to their audiences and created opportunities for significant influence. They were delivered in countries and cities such as New York, Miami, Connecticut, London, Brussels, Edinburg and in countries such as Brazil, Guyana, Jamaica, Bahamas, Belize Curacao, Antigua, St Vincent, Grenada, St.Lucia and of course Barbados.



These were delivered and continue to be delivered across many industries in areas such as Public Speaking, Debating Skills, Leadership and Team Building, HR for Small Businesses, Communication Skills, Power and Assertiveness, Report Writing, Conducting Effective Meetings and similar areas of the soft skills.


  • Develop critical thinking skills which I use to write extensively on my blog, for, earning Platinum Expert Status for my articles, for LinkedIn Pulse attracting over 1,500 Top Level followers and growing.


  • Personally connect with and influence influential persons such as Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and many other Top Level persons around the Caribbean and beyond.


  • Help me to be comfortable speaking in front of the camera on programmes such as as CBC’s “The people’s business” and trident 10 TV’s “Entrepreneur Anonymous” and speaking on radio programmes such as VOB’s “Getting down to brass tacks”.


  • Coach scores of individuals one-on-one in public speaking and personal development.


  • Conquer years of self-doubt and second-guessing myself to build my self-esteem and self-confidence to the point where developing, marketing and delivering the Top Level Speakers Programme for you is a breeze!


  • Build up an impressive client list which includes or included businesses/organisations like:


Fund Access  - Barbados

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital - Barbados

The University of the West Indies - Regional 

The International Labour Organisation - International 

The Inter-American Development Bank - International

The Barbados Workers Union - Barbados

Regional Police Training Centre - Regional 

Royal Westmoreland - Barbados 

Roberts Manufacturing Company Ltd - Regional

Productivity Council - Barbados

Grantley Adams International Airport - Barbados

National Conservation Commission - Barbados

St Vincent Chamber of Commerce and Industry - St Vincent and the Grenadines

Royal Anguillan Police Force - Anguilla

Several businesses in Antigua - Antigua and Barbuda


You can learn more about me here, here, here and also here.


She was awesome, dynamic, stimulating and most of all a very skillful communicator and public speaker! She was able to keep the audience’s attention throughout the presentation and people usually feel sleepy after lunch!

Joe Doway - Tourism Consultant

I admire your inimitable style, presence and unique and awesome sense of humour.  Above all is your ability to encourage, motivate and inspire people to believe in themselves. I know you did that for me on various occasions.Your energetic presentation style is still as engaging as ever, indeed like good wine (based on what I have heard since I don't drink wine) you have become smoother, richer and better.I pray for your continued success in your various businesses and continue your invaluable contribution to the development of those within your sphere of influence and beyond.

David Parris - HR Manager

 Barbados Industrial Development Corporation


What's Inside The Workshops?


Here's the content of the workshops: 


Top Level Speakers™Programme

Workshop # 1 Top Level Speaking Fundamentals

  1. Blasting through your remaining Public Speaking blocks
  2. Expanding your confidence
  3. Developing your style and presence
  4. Crafting your story and using story-telling
  5. Messages and messaging
  6. Connecting powerfully with your audience
  7. Delivering dynamic speeches with clarity
  8. Essential tools to support your speeches
  9. Pulling it all together
Workshop # 2Establish Your Speaking Authority 

  1. Chairing a business meeting like a boss
  2. Chairing a Social Event without missing a beat
  3. Speaking to the media
  4. Moderate a Panel Discussion
  5. Control difficult audiences
  6. Speaking on camera
Workshop # 3


Speeches the Top Level Must Master

  1. Introduction of the guest speaker
  2. Feature address at a function
  3. The Vote of Thanks
  4. The motivational or uplifting speech
  5. Presenting/accepting an award
  6. Crisis Management Speech
Workshop # 4 Explode Your Influence:

  1. Speaking impromptu
  2. Speaking to influence and persuade
  3. Speaking to your opposition
  4. Deliver a Demonstration Speech
  5. Leading a discussion
  6. Presenting a proposal/idea
Workshop # 5 Sharing Complex Technical Information:

  1. Understanding the mindset of your non-tech audience
  2. Presenting a technical paper
  3. Presenting a technical briefing
  4. Presenting a Status Report
  5. Leading the technical team presentation



Your Next Steps…


If you could UP-level you influence and impact inside and outside your business, would that make a difference for you?


Then the Top Level Speakers Programme is for you.


Now, you can try to figure how to be a Top Level Speaker on your own…watch a few videos here, go to a session there…Problem is, you don’t get the full picture that way. You don’t get the WHY behind every step, or HOW to steer clear of expensive and expansive mistakes.


Or you can make a conscious investment to let me remove the pain and difficulty and train you and guide you quickly and easily through the process of transforming your public speaking from average to amazing.



When you're ready, the Top Level Speakers Programme is for you.


If you would like to be considered for one of the spots on the next programme, request your Qualification Questionnaire from me at, complete it and return it to me immediately.


WARNING: you won't be selected on a first come basis. I hand pick the people I determine to be serious and who are ready to be at the Top Level. Sorry...that's just how it is...but if you're serious, so am I.


If you would like the programme conducted in-house, then rush me an email at


Now go ahead and contact me if you need to for any further information at all...


To your Top Level Speaking Success


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