Let Lorna Barrow be the facilitator for your training


If you expect me to change your behaviour…you so have the WRONG facilitator. That’s what you do.


If you expect me to deliver training for you and your employees using systems and approaches that recognise and embrace your adult status…then you have the RIGHT facilitator. That’s what I do. 


Here are some of the areas where I can really excel as your facilitator:


1.  Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

2.  Top Level Speaking and Leadership Programmes

3.  Magnetic Customer Service

4.  HR for Small Business

5.  Better Business Meetings

6. Business Leadership – Becoming Management Material

7.   Supervisory Skills

8.   Interpersonal Skills

9.  Capacity building for NFPs

10. Corporate Governance for NFPs

11.  Proposal Writing

12  Report Writing

13. Project Management for SMEs

14.  Change Management

15.  COPE™ Productivity Improvement System

16.  Facilitation services by request


What you should also know…

If you expect me to give you tools, tips, techniques, resources and street-smart solutions which you can apply to completely transform how you think, how you work and how you BEHAVE…then please, just LET me.


If you expect me to spoon-feed you and all you have to do is open your mouth and receive…then please NOT me!


And if you want to know what keeps me going, 20 years and counting…it’s about how you feel about me and ITDS:


The workshop made me aware of the importance of having my paperwork in order, e.g. job descriptions, employee manuals and business procedure. I love doing the scenarios!  The facilitator Lorna Barrow was very down to earth, listened well and gave us an opportunity to open-up. I realize that when she says that she will do something for you by the next day,  you can be sure you have it! – Cyralene Spooner – Entrepreneur 


Check out some more of your testimonials here. Oh! And the money, of course.


But enough about me…what about you?

You are my clients – potential or existing.  I know you trust me to be your “go to” facilitator of choice.


You expect fast results and once you are willing, I can drive you to them.


Best of all, you force me to continuously up-size my game and that’s how I have stayed in the game – 14 years and counting.


So go ahead and hire me. Either to deliver on your next training need or for a long-term partnership…

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