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Wanted: Small Business Solutions! At all costs!

Aaahhh…business solutions for your small business…they are so desirable  but oh so elusive!

How do you know what is right for your business?

How do you know when is the right time?

Do you have the courage to try something that just might not work?

Hello, I am Lorna Barrow Founder of Impact Training and Development Services (ITDS).

I started this business because I passionately believed, and I have proven, that the best way for small business owners to grow their businesses is first to grow and develop themselves and then to do the same for their teams.

In addition, I also know that it is a mistake to take “big business” solutions and resize them to fit our small businesses. You see, small businesses are unique and as such require unique solutions.

Naturally, with these 2 perspectives and approaches, I became a one-stop source for providing affordable business solutions to small business owners from around the Caribbean for many years.

Not to mention that I have started or acquired several businesses of my own.

So you will understand, why over the years, people often ask me: 

Lorna, How can I be successful in business?” or “Lorna, what can I do to grow my business fast?”

Well, the time came, when I knew I could no longer avoid giving a comprehensive answer to this question.

I also knew that what you were really asking me for was a collection of smart business solutions to improve yourself, build your team and grow your business.


My quest to find business solutions for you 

Because I wanted to give you a very comprehensive answer, I decided to do some research of my own.

So I started by reaching out to other small business owners and entrepreneurs.

I talked to approximately 300 product-based and service-based business owners, mainly from across the Caribbean.

They included consultants, coaches, beach vendors, manufacturers, retailers, contractors, service providers, boutique owners, painters, plumbers, tilers, artists, tax accountants and corporate trainers like myself.

I interviewed business owners and entrepreneurs below and above 50 years old.  Some I knew, some I didn’t  know. I had conversations with both men and women, and those who work exclusively from home. 

To avoid information overload, I asked them a simple question:

What useful business solutions would you share with other small business owners that will help them to really skyrocket their business growth?


What did I find from the research? 

When I started analysing the answers, I noticed a certain pattern emerging.

Over and over, there were a set of  failures, flaws, frustrations and fears that appear to be common to all the businesses.

But what I found most exciting was that a similar set of quality business solutions kept coming up to fix what I want to call these “F-Factors” mentioned above.

And here’s something else that was very interesting. 

The solutions that my “interviewees” offered were almost all about something business owners could do better, could do more of, could learn to do, etc.

They seldom mentioned any issues relating to their external business environment or the context in which they lead.

When I shared my findings with some of the business owners I had interviewed, their reactions were interesting.

Some said that they had used some of the solutions in their businesses and had gotten really good results.

But many said that they wished they were more aware of them earlier, so they could have fixed issues in their businesses earlier and faster.


The 10 business solutions

You will love this.

What I did, was to take my extensive, informal research and extracted the 10 most popular solutions to share with you.

You will find them practical, relevant to you and your small business and easy to implement.

Best of all, you know they will work because they have already been tested “positive” by small business owners just like you.

Here is the complete set of those business solutions.

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