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Supervisory Management…


I bet you never had to think about this until now…did you?


But recently, you promoted a few employees to the be supervisors and you were feeling very pleased with yourself.


That was until both the team and the supervisors started flooding you with so many complaints. 


You can’t help but wonder “what did I do wrong?”


After all, you really thought your employees got along well together. But this was not the case and now, your business had become a virtual war zone, almost overnight. 


And if that was not enough, you now find yourself questioning your own selections.


Really…How did this happen? 


Here was the problem. When you promoted these team members, you were asking them to begin supervising former colleagues immediately. Without training and preparing them, you created one of  the most difficult workplace issues there is.


To make matters even worse, the transition was no way as quick and easy as you thought it would be. You thought it would take a week at most but now, it seems to be taking forever. And what little respect existed was rapidly disappearing.


Well now, you’re in luck. Our Supervisory Management Workshop is specifically designed to deal with this situation.


Here is some of what it covers:

    • Making the “turnaround” ( from colleague to supervisor)
    • The “on boarding process” (understanding the business’ goals, strategies, etc)
    • Communication Skills for Supervisors
    • Change Management
    • How to manage the team’s expectations of supervisor new role
    • How the supervisor can manage his/her ego
    • The nuts and bolts of supervisory management
    • Assertiveness skills


Like all our other workshops, we customise this one to suit your business’ specific needs and circumstances.


And while I have your attention…


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Now, go right ahead and contact us! You can tell us what you’re struggling with in your business. Then we’ll tell you how we can help you! 



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