What Every New Supervisor Should Know About Supervisory Management 

Image of supervisor who demonstrates supervisory management skills

You had recently promoted several employees to the level of supervisor and you were feeling pleased with yourself.


That was until complaints about and from these supervisors increased tenfold.


You see, the transition from individual contributor to supervisor is one of the toughest in business. This is because the work, the role, the support systems, the solutions you provide...all change at the same time.


Added to that, when colleagues become supervisors or when they get promoted and are asked to supervise former colleagues, they’re facing one of the toughest situations there is in business.


Our Supervisory Management Workshop is specifically designed to deal with this situation. It covers:


      • Making the “turnaround” ( from colleague to supervisor)
      • The “on boarding process” (understanding the business’ goals, strategies, etc)
      • Communication Skills for Supervisors
      • Change Management
      • Understanding what employees want
      • How to build effective teams
      • Assertiveness skills


Like all our other workshops, this one can be customised to suit your business’ specific needs and circumstances.


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