Are you in need of a business turnaround?

Image depicting business turnaround


We know it’s your business. After all, you got the idea, you took the risk and you built it bit by loving bit.


But when you and your business hits a wall, and you need a business reset or a rapid business turnaround...that's OUR business.


That's because we have the experience developed from turning around small businesses just like yours across the Caribbean.


We know that big businesses and small business might find themselves in need of a business turnaround for similar reasons.  Because of this, Turnaround Consultants are inclined to apply the same industry solutions to both business types. 


The truth is, when you apply these solutions to small business, even in the correct scale, they just don't work.


For us, the solution was simple.


We developed the tools, techniques and systems to perform what we call a “business reset” especially for your small business.


This reset places you back on the path to success that you intended when you started your business.  After all, you did not set up a business to lose money and give you headaches...or did you?


We have helped with business turnaround in industries such as:

      • Retail
      • Banking and Financial Services
      • Bake Goods and Pastries
      • Government and Statutory Corporations
      • Health and Wellness
      • Agriculture and Agri-business
      • Funding Agencies
      • Chambers of Industry and Commerce and similar Confederations
      • A wide variety of Non-profits


Providing services as diverse as:

      • Operational audits
      • Internal audits
      • Business and business system analysis and implementation
      • Design and implementation of customer service systems
      • Strategic planning and strategic plans
      • Organisational rebranding and professional image management
      • Reorganising the HR structure
      • Facilitation of retreats and special meetings
      • Writing of Employee Handbooks and Operations Manuals
      • Coaching Top Level Managers in a variety of areas – managing meetings, public speaking, communication skills, etc
      • Training staff at all levels in a variety of soft skills
      • Change management programmes and training


Are you in need of a business reset? Then contact us because helping you turnaround your business is just one of the things we’re good at!