6. Build a strong personal network around you

image showing a network of people as a business solution

One of the guys in my study, Mike, said that he is always amused when he hears people talking about “self-made this” and “self-made that” because right at the very beginning we were made by two parents!

Many of the others identified the need for some sort of support network to help them grow their businesses but admitted they failed to build one for two main reasons.

 1. They were uncomfortable or even afraid of asking for help.

2.  They believed that networking means that you are using people.

I understand #1 because many of us were raised to be strong and independent and asking for help is seen as a weakness.

#2 must be some kind of a flaw in my business and personal thinking because I can’t imagine living without my “circle of experience”.

You see, to build your network, you need to understand and use good networking skills. 

Building out a strong personal network is not only one of the best a business solutions to grow your business fast.

It is also about building relationships through networking and making a friend before you need a friend.

It is surrounding yourself with Mentors, Coaches, Masterminds, “Circles of Experience”, advisers, whatever you want to call them.

So please get over yourself and begin building out your network.

Here are some tips to help you.

When you begin to build your network you will need the following key types of people: 

  • People who have the answers you need. They could be:
    •  Folks who can help you find a critical piece of software at a moment’s notice
    • Those who are wired into your market in ways that allow them to know what’s working and what’s not
    • Some who have solved business problems like yours for themselves or others
    • Business colleagues who have a genius for brainstorming today’s business solutions 


  • Those people who have the resources you need: 
    • People who can send you qualified prospects when you need to hire “the perfect” employee
    • business owners and executives who control crucial resources — TV production units, training rooms, computer equipment
    • Those who have other assets that could come in extremely handy in growing your company


  • People who can perform specialized tasks far better than you or anyone on your staff can: Graphic Designers, Business Breakthrough Specialists, Business Coaches.

What does it take to own a a great team of supporters and partners?

Well, you’re going to have to locate them, begin a relationship with them, add them to your network and keep them there.

And you have to do this, long before you’ll ever need them.

How hard is that? It’s up to you…