9.  Learn the key business communication skills and use them

image of elderly man using a tablet to communicate as his business solution

I don’t have to tell you.

Poor business communication is a serious flaw which leads to frustration at every level of the business.

It was like déjà-vu to hear many people in the group admit that some areas of their communication need to be improved and that doing so will improve the business.

They were absolutely right. Poor communication often creates tension and bad feelings within relationships.

When I asked them how they knew that their communication was poor, the answers were insightful.

Here are a few direct quotes:

  • There are times when I should have a face-to-face conversation but I send an email. That makes me a coward…I know…but I can’t help it.


  • I hate having to give negative feedback. When I have to, I find I put it off for as long as I can and then (when I do) the drama is off the chart!


  • Lorna, I know you’ve spoken to me about reacting emotionally instead of responding calmly, but these people who work for me just piss me off!



  • If another employee tells me I don’t listen, I think I will start screaming and never stop.


As I listened to these and similar answers I heard all the F-Factors – fear, frustration, flaws and failures coming up in their lives. 

Fixing your communication problems is not something you can easily do on your own but it is something you must do.

Start by taking a proactive and comprehensive approach.

This would include  identifying your flaws and also what communication skills you need to acquire to be successful as a leader.

Also, try to determine your communication style and the extent to which it is helping or hindering your business success.

Learn key business communication skills and use them. These will vary from person to person and will depend on the nature of your business.

They may include:

As a business solution to explode the growth of your small business, superior communication skills stand out as the foundation skills.

They help you to build confidence and control the conversations. They also help you to build trust and expand your influence.

What are you waiting for? Take your communications skills to the top right now. 

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