5.  Learn how to be truly productive

For the average small business owner, being CEO in your business really means you are Chief EVERYTHING Officer.  

The problem is, you usually you don’t have the confidence, the money or the know-how to either outsource or delegate certain of your management or operations functions.

You  especially wish you did not have to plan and attend meetings.

You feel you could really do with a talented project manager but you don’t even know how to hire one!

And you need people management more than ever.

So you end up having to do many things at once and by yourself.

Oh yes…that means you work long hours, with very unsatisfactory results and a whole lot of frustration to show for it.

Listen carefully…multi-tasking does not equal increased productivity.

Neither does “I’m so busy!” mean that you’re productive either. To me they suggest that you’re just not focused.

Each of the entrepreneurs I interviewed has a set of “productivity” habits or approaches which they have developed and refined over time, and which they consistently apply to their businesses.

You should follow this example!

What to do to increase your productivity…

As part of your plan to increase your productivity, learn the skill(s) you need to do the things you need to do.

I’m amazed that ICT and computers are such a part of our lives and many people still cannot type, do not understand the fundamentals of the technology and therefore cannot leverage it to improve their business.

For me being productive means having an efficient productivity system that enables me to reach my goals in the shortest possible time.

A key part of that system is my unusual time management strategies.

You won’t believe this but another part of my productivity strategy is how I use routine to be productive when my creativity is dead.

It almost goes without saying that as a dependable business solution, being truly productive, supported by a system, will sky-rocket your business success.

 It works even if you’re working from home.