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Meet Margaret – Entrepreneur and Business Woman par excellence – at least that’s how she refers to herself.


Five years ago, Margaret had a wonderful idea for a business and she was so sure it was going to be successful. So business plan in hand, she was off to the bank to get financing for her Equipment Rental Business.


Six months later she was up and running and as far as she was concerned, she was destined for success. After all, she had invested in the latest equipment, hired the best staff, outfitted them in top-of-the-line uniforms and launched the business with a lavish reception.


At first, as Margaret anticipated the business grew – not as fast as she wanted – but she was successful. Now it was time to take the business to the big time. So she bought more equipment, diversified into other areas and brought two new partners on board.


But the business was not growing. She wasn’t getting any of the big contracts she was going after and quite frankly…she was struggling. Her once happy staff was at each other throats, she did not feel in control of the business or herself and she was losing money fast. Lots of it.


Margaret was at her wits end. How did she end up struggling like so many other small businesses around the world? After all, she had done everything right. Or had she?


36 Small Business Growth Marketing Tips


What Margaret is experiencing is the #1 barrier to small business growth.


What is the #1 barrier to small business growth? The lack growth and development of the OWNERS.


You see, a small business will grow or struggle at the same rate that the owner grows or struggles. If you want a $million business, you have to develop yourself into a person who can lead a $million business. Pure and simple.


I know you’re anxious to find out what if there’s anything that can be done to help Margaret and of course there is. Here are 7 steps she should take and if your problem is just like hers, you should take them too.

 1.    Find out why you’re struggling and what are the real issues which are holding you in place and limiting you growth

2.     Point yourself away from your struggles with a clear mission and vision and a sound understanding of the difference between the two

3.    Identify the next best steps to overcome your holdbacks so that you can free yourself to achieve rapid personal, professional and business growth

4.    Surround yourself with mentors, advisors and coaches but make sure that you know how to select those that are a good fit for you and your business

5.    Develop your money mindset so that you attract the right business opportunities with the right financial rewards

6.    Learn to negotiate. It is the single greatest skill that a small business person or an entrepreneur can have

7.   Rinse and repeat the six steps above as many times as necessary

So there you have them...7 steps to help you and your business exchange struggle for success.


Now if you’re not sure how to implement those steps or you want even more help then check out the Struggle to Success Breakthrough Blueprint. It’s all you need to take you from struggle to success.


To your success...


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Discover the #1 Barrier to Small Business Growth

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    Love your site Lorna – good going – very professional. We must chat sometime.
    Mike Archer

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    Thanks Mike! Labour of blood, sweat and tears and load of love!

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