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Is Personal Branding For You?


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Personal Branding questions. They are the questions I get asked all the time. One of them might go something like this: Hey Lorna…I notice that one of the things you do is Personal Image Management, I was wondering…is personal branding for me?


But that's just the #1 question...here are the top 10 question which are asked about this subject:


  1. What is Personal Branding?
  2. How do you brand yourself?
  3. Is this" branding thing" for me?
  4. How does it differ from branding your business?
  5. What are some of the mistakes people make with personal branding?
  6. Can you share some strategies to help me with developing my brand?
  7. Does image have anything to do with branding?
  8. Should I forget about branding my business?
  9. Can I have a personal Brand that’s different from my business brand?
  10. What is best place to begin my image upgrade?


If I'm at a live event, these questions come fast and furious and I hardly have time to breathe!


But before I answer your "image upgrade" and other related questions, I want to answer the question: What is Personal Branding?


Personal branding is any or all of the following:


1. The process of packaging yourself and making your marketing personal  as though you were a brand, an icon or a household name

2. When you take the right parts of you and bring them forward into the spotlight leaving behind the negative parts

3. It’s the first impression that you make when you enter the room and it’s what people say when you leave

4. Your personal brand is in every email you write, in every conversation you have...


Now, is Personal Branding for you? The truth is...I really am not sure, but recently, I had the opportunity to answer this question for a group of entrepreneurs who were part of the premiere event for women in Barbados, Girlfriend Expo.


So why don’t you watch the video and find out...


If it is for you and you need help, just contact me and let’s see how we can get you started on A BRAND CALLED YOU!



To your new brand...

Is Personal Branding For You? You Will Be Surprised…

Lorna Barrow

Lorna Barrow is a Business Breakthrough Specialist, an easy-to-read Writer, an unfiltered Transformational Speaker and a self-confessed Small Business Junkie. She uses her crazy personality and vast business experience to connect with small business owners and entrepreneurs. Then she helps them to acquire the skills and confidence they need to make a BIG impact with their businesses. Get her FREE Fast Learning Resource "7 Unique Skills to Make a BIG impact In Business!" and kickstart your BIG impact!  

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