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Image showing the business growth on an authentic leader

There I was, minding my business.


Well, not really...I was minding the business of an “authentic leader”.


He was in the gym with some other businessmen and they had entered my space.


I was impressed by the bicep curls and the triceps kickbacks. But I was concerned by the way they were beating up on their chests in honor of their leadership capabilities.


They were bragging about the rules they had implemented in their small businesses that showed their employees that they meant business. Each one believed that these rules showed that he was an authentic leader...the real Mc Coy!


Where do you Sirs, get off creating a rules-based culture and fooling yourself you’re practicing authentic leadership?


Why do you believe that having a collection of rules which do not work for you, your employees or your business means that you’re an authentic leader?


When will you realise that what you really need to lead your business is not a set of rules to follow but sound relationships with those you lead?


So to start you and all other business owners who think like you, on the path to your authentic leadership, here are 10 useless rules that no authentic leader wants to be following. It's your litmus test for authentic leadership.


They are in no particular order, but they come from my experience in turning around the operations and fortunes of several clients and helping them to become authentic leaders.

10 Useless Rules Every Authentic Leader Should Avoid

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