10 Business Solutions to Really Explode  Your Business Growth!


Image of ITDS 10 business solutions


Wanted: Business Solutions! At all costs!


Aaahhh…business solutions they are so desirable  but oh so elusive!


How do you know what is right for your business? How do you know when is the right time? Do you have the space to try something that just might not work?


Hello, I am Lorna Barrow and I have been providing business solutions to business owners, especially small business owners from around the Caribbean for more than 20 years. And yes, I have started or acquired several businesses of my own.


Over the years, in some form or fashion, I am always asked is “Lorna, How can I be successful in business?” or “Lorna, what can I do to grow my business fast?”


So I knew I just had to answer the question but I decided to turn the tables and ask a question of my own.


So, three years ago, I began asking entrepreneurs and small business owners the single question “What business solutions would you offer other business men and women to help them to really explode their business growth?


I talked to approximately 300 product-based and service-based business owners, mainly from across the Caribbean.


They included consultants, coaches, beach vendors, manufacturers, retailers, contractors, service providers, boutique owners, painters, plumbers, tilers, artists, tax accountants and corporate trainers like myself.


I interviewed business owners and entrepreneurs below and above 50 years of age. Some I knew and some I did not. I had conversations with both men and women as well as with people who work exclusively from home and others who have businesses away from home.


When I decided to stop the questioning and start analysing the answers, I saw a certain pattern emerging.


Over and over, there were a set of failures, flaws, frustrations and fears that appear to be common to all the businesses.


What was exciting to me was that a similar set of solutions kept emerging to what I want to call those “F-Factors” mentioned above.


When I shared my findings with some of the business owners, some said that they were solutions they had used and had gotten really fantastic results. Others identified them as solutions they wished they had used earlier in their businesses.


Another interesting thing I noticed about the responses was that they were almost all about something the owners could do better or could do more of, as opposed to issues relating to their external business environment.


And so I boiled down my extensive but informal research into “10 Business Solutions to Really Explode Your Business Growth” . They are practical, yes they are relevant to any business and they have already been tested since they come from small business owners just like you.


I now want to share these business solutions with you. First, I know you’re curious, so here is the full list, in no particular order: