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Love your business! Yes YOU, Ms Entrepreneur! And YOU Mr Business Man! Love your Business!


Am I Crazy? Nooo but I AM serious.


Think about it…your business provides you with so many things:

1. An opportunity to express your creativity and earn money in the process

2. It helps you to maintain a decent standard of living

3. It provides a means to support your family

4. You can contribute generously to your favorite charity

5. You can experience the satisfaction of employing other people


And that’s just for starters.


Yet, I meet so many small business owners who, far from loving their businesses, seem ashamed of these businesses.


When I ask you to share something about your business, even in the safety of a training room, you look uncomfortable. Even when you’re doing well and you’ve been in business for over 10 years, you’re still “trying a thing”.


If that’s your attitude, you will never give your business the energy, the effort, the “best of you” it needs to be successful.


On the other hand, if you treat it with love and respect, and recognise and embrace its role in your life, then you will improve your bottom line.


The question is: how can you love your business and let it know that you really appreciate it?


Well, do what I do – continually remind it how much you love it and always be willing to say “Thank You!” for the many ways it supports you. 


You don’t know where to start and how to do it? Don’t worry…I’ve got your back.


Here are 7 ways to get you started. And they won’t even cost you money.


1.  Keep your passion burning

Do you remember how you started the business with passion burning in your belly? You have to keep that alive.


Don’t go through another day without enthusiasm and with the mindset that this business is a drag.  Or that you’re” trying a thing.” That’s negative energy neither you or your business wants. 


But if you approach each activity with excitement and passion, convinced that the rewards will come, then your business will love you back and the rewards WILL come. They will show up on your bottom line.


2.  Tell your business story with pride

I have yet to meet a business which didn’t have a story.


The stories might range from simply interesting, to “Oh Wow!” to downright inspiring. But you owe it to your business and to other business owners to tell that story.


You might not know, but that story does not belong to you. It belongs to the people who will hear it or read it and be inspired by it.


So, come on! Learn to tell the story of your business. Market it with love and passion. Speak of it with conviction and pride. After all, it’s your blood, sweat and many tears.


When you love your business, your business will be proud of you too and it will make being in that business, an exciting and a rewarding place for you to be.

3.  Always give your customers and clients the best products and services

Your business wants to be proud of you, but when you short-change your clients and customers it has to hang its head in shame. When this happens, you know you’re not loving your business.


So concentrate on giving superior customer service and doing things well. Satisfy your customers’ present needs. Anticipate their unexpected needs and develop the products and services to meet these as well. In this way you will build trust for you and your business.


And what about your future customers? Your business needs them for its very survival and when you seek them out and bring them into the family, there is no doubt that you love your business!


4.  Grow yourself into the leader your business deserves

Your business deserves a leader who understands what it takes to lead a business. A leader who is bold and smart enough to learn what (s)he needs to learn to be that person.


Show your business love by entering into a growth partnership with it. Trying to make your business world-class without doing the same for yourself leaves your business in doubt as to your seriousness and your love.


Set out on a path of self-development today. Find the business solutions the business needs for  a rapid turnaround. come on, don’t fail it now.


5.  Celebrate each milestone and “metre stone” as well

I know you won’t believe me but your business and customers loves a celebration. So don’t wait until Christmas or another such holiday to have a celebration in your business.


Celebrate the milestone of winning your first $1m contract. And celebrate the “metre stone” when the little old lady calls back to say “thank you” for great service.


Celebrate and reward the efforts of your staff and make sure that you use all the tools available to you to build them into a high performing team.


That’s right…you don’t have to decorate every day. But for example, you can show you love to your business by keeping your store fronts and your work spaces clean.


So starting right now, begin celebrating your small wins and you will get a chance to celebrate the big “bottom line” wins. 


6.  Look after the business’ money with love

How dare you! Really…how dare you drag every spare cent out of the business for your petty pleasures and leave the business scrambling for cash flow? Is that love?


Re-invest some of the money that the business makes in the business so that it can comfortably reach its goals. Invest some in making it look good – you know…a nice website, some really cool ads or a new piece of equipment.


You also have to manage the flow of money through the business – keep the records, pay the bills, do the best you can and do right by your money.


Learn the key numbers of your business and yes, outsource the accounting function, if you have to. But don’t even attempt to outsource the financial responsibility for the business. Keep that for yourself and carry it out responsibly.


7.  Get in touch with the “spirit” of your business

No! No! I’m not off my rocker!  Neither am I carrying a joke too far.


When I ask you to get in touch with the spirit of your business, I’m asking you to understand that your business is more than its physical location, it’s a true extension of yourself.


When you have a deep and emotional relationship with your business, your mission will be clear and your vision powerful. You will have a set of powerful core values to guide your decision-making. You will attract the people you want to serve as well as the right people to serve them. 


In this way, you will create a complete circle of wealth for your business, the people you serve and yourself.


What a reward for you when you love your business!

Your next “love your business” step…

So do me a favour, please. Wherever you are in your business, right now, do something to show your business love.


Here are a list of ways you can start showing love to your business:

  1. Love your logo and what it stands for

2.  Love the feedback that you get which helps you to grow,

3.  Love and exploit the many opportunities you get to promote your business,

4.  Love the combination of colours which so effectively convey your message.

5.  Love every customer regardless of the value of their purchase

6.  Love every staff member regardless of their job title


There is so much for you to love in and about your business.


So come on…love your business and it will love you right back. All the way to the bank!



How to Love Your Business And Really Grow Your Bottom Line!

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