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graphic of business woman needing a strategic plan

 “Cut the crap! You need a strategic plan!”


Yeah…that’s what I blurted out.  Right in the middle of the people’s intense conversation. Shame on me! 


It’s not like they were talking to me.


It was just a case of good food taking over my psyche, that made my mind drift to the conversation at the table next to mine.


And I couldn’t believe my ears!


There was a small business owner, who described himself as an entrepreneur. He said he was  running a business with 32 employees for 18 years. And in that time, he had never done any strategic planning.


He went on to explain that he had no plans, to ever waste time, with a strategic plan since he knows everything about his business. Moreover, he does not need any outsider to come in and tell him how where to take it. 


"Strategic planning is for big business! It's not a business solution for me" he exclaimed. 


It was then, before I could stop myself,  I blurted out, “cut the crap! You need a strategic plan!


Oh My! Finally, I was openly admitting that I was completely tired of hearing this "strategic planning" ignorance from small business owners. 


Finally, I was no longer going to stand on the sidelines and let you stifle your chance to knock out the competition.


And I knew exactly what I was going to do about it...


I was going to give you some FREE information about a strategic plan and strategic planning. if only to stop you from being your own worse enemy.

So, let's jump right in.

Cut The Crap! 9 Simple Reasons You Need a Strategic Plan!

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